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Owners claim brake pedals go to the floor while the car keeps going.

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40,000 Hyundai Cars Under Investigation For Brake Failure
Owners claim brake pedals go to the floor while the car keeps going.

— The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation of the 2009 Hyundai Genesis after receiving 23 complaints about brake failures.

Owners claim their brake pedals feel loose or totally go to the floor without the car slowing down.

A Florida driver told her 2009 Hyundai Genesis did finally come to a stop, with the help of the vehicle in front of her.

"I pressed down on the brake and to my surprise the brake pedal hit the floor. I was going about 30 mph I was in panic mode as I started pumping the brakes and nothing, " complained Holly, of Coconut Creek, Florida.  "I started slowing down only because I was so far behind the other cars when I had taken my foot of the gas pedal. Well I stopped unfortunately only because the car in front of me stopped me."

Holly said she posted letters to the Facebook page of Hyundai USA and her local dealership but her posts were deleted.

Another Genesis driver told his wife tried to stop the car but the brake pedal went to the floor, even though there was no warning light.

"I have lost all confidence in Hyundai. I hope and pray that no one loses their life because of Hyundai's negligence," said the owner from Opelousas, Louisiana.

NHTSA says several Hyundai dealers diagnosed the problem as a faulty ABS module.

The federal investigation will determine if 40,000 cars should be recalled.

Update - October 22, 2013: Hyundai has decided to recall 27,500 Genesis vehicles just hours after NHTSA opened their investigation.


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