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Air is pushed out and away from the bag thanks to a new flexible vent.

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New Air Bag Technology Debuts in 2013 Chevy Cruze
Air is pushed out and away from the bag thanks to a new flexible vent.

— The Chevy Cruze recently made our list for the top owner-reported problems for 2012, specifically due to complaints about an overwhelming antifreeze smell inside the car.

However, all is not lost for the Cruze because the 2013 model year has something that makes it unique.  While standard air bags use one inflator for low-speed crashes and another for high-speed crashes, the Cruze’s single-stage aig bag uses one lower output inflator to manage both low-speed and high-speed crash forces.

Dawn of the "Smart Air Bag" with Flexible Vent

General Motors (GM) calls it a “smart air bag” because the system’s flexible vent reduces the risk of inflation-induced injury by allowing the driver’s forward momentum to push the air out and away. The air bag is designed to deploy more efficiently while providing the same crash protection as more expensive and complex air bag systems.

According to testing performed by GM, the air bag can help prevent injuries to every size driver, including those who sit very close to the steering wheel and those who have the driver seat moved as far back as possible.

Another Safety Upgrade for the Cruze

Along with the new air bag technology, the Cruze was also the first car in its class with 10 standard air bags, including front knee air bags.

“This new air bag technology is a smart way to manage crash forces, and is an integral part of Cruze’s continued success in safety testing,” said Gay Kent, GM general director of vehicle safety and crashworthiness. “The latest safety rating reflects the confidence we have in its new and carry-over safety technologies and overall crashworthiness.”


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