Lawsuit alleges Infiniti Q50S sport brakes use pads that cause the rotors to warp.

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Infiniti Q50S Brake Pad Problems Lead to Lawsuit
Lawsuit alleges Infiniti Q50S sport brakes use pads that cause the rotors to warp.

— Infiniti Q50S brake pad problems have caused a California man to file a proposed class-action lawsuit after allegations the sport brake pads damage the rotors causing the rotors to warp.

Plaintiff Steven Brand says he leased a 2015 Infiniti Q50 equipped with sport brakes and after about 10,000 miles of driving, he had to take the car to a dealership because the car vibrated when Brand hit the brake pedal. The dealership determined warped front rotors were causing the problems, so Infiniti resurfaced the rotors and replaced the brake pads.

Brand says he continued to experience brake problems after the dealer made repairs and in May 2016, Brand allegedly took the Q50 back to the dealership because the car vibrated when applying the brakes, especially when traveling at highway speeds.

The plaintiff claims the dealership told him the Q50 brake pads and rotors needed replaced again because the rotors were warped. But it didn't end there because the plaintiff says the brakes started making grinding sounds only four months after the dealer made repairs.

The last time the plaintiff took the car for repairs, no repairs were performed by the dealer and Mr. Brand says he was stuck with the brake problems.

A check online shows other Infiniti Q50 owners complaining about similar problems with their brakes, not only on the Q50S but other variants of the Q50 cars, including an owner who complained to

"Brakes were warped after being cut twice. Sport brakes were terrible..they tried to fix the issue. The only way was to replace the brakes. They also make horrible groaning noises sounded like a rusty swing set." - 2014 Infiniti Q50 owner / Endicott, New York

The Q50 lawsuit alleges Nissan/Infiniti knows the braking system is defective but conceals that fact so the automaker can keep selling the cars. Mr. Brand also says to keep from repairing the brake problems under warranty, the automaker tells its dealers to make changes to the cars that do nothing to fix them.

The lawsuit further alleges dealers tell owners nothing is wrong with the brakes even when the owners know better.

As for the cause of the Q50S brake problems, the lawsuit alleges the 2014-2016 Infiniti Q50S brakes use pads that are damaged by heat when the pads contact the rotors, causing the pads to wear out and the rotors to warp.

The Infiniti Q50 sport brake pad lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court Central District of California - Steven Brand v. Nissan North America Inc.

The plaintiff is represented by Capstone Law APC.


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