Land Rover recalls 3,000 vehicles at risk of short circuits and fires.

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Land Rover Recalls Discovery Sports and Range Rover Evoque MHEVs
Land Rover recalls 3,000 vehicles at risk of short circuits and fires.

— Land Rover is recalling more than 3,000 model year 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sports and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque MHEVs (mild hybrid electric vehicles) because of problems with the 48-volt electrical systems.

The automaker announced the 48-volt electrical systems may experience an overload event, causing failures of the metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors and short circuits in the DC-DC converters.

Land Rover says an electrical short-circuit could occur if the 12-volt circuit shorts to the ground of the DC-DC converter, discharging the converter and activating a battery warning light. Vehicle occupants may notice smoke or burning odors, possibly resulting in a sustained fire.

Land Rover opened an investigation in December 2019 following a vehicle fire at an assembly plant. Engineers tested the vehicle to replicate the conditions that led to the fire, a process that continued into March 2020.

Land Rover found a number of conditions must be present for the problem to occur in the DC-DC converter. By May, engineers expanded the possible affected components, but Land Rover was having trouble replicating the exact conditions that caused the fire.

However, the automaker issued the recall after finding enough evidence to indicate an unreasonable risk to safety.

The Land Rover recall is expected to begin December 18, 2020. The vehicles will be updated with the latest software which allegedly mitigates the electrical failures.

Owners may contact Land Rover at 800-369-1000. Land Rover's recall number is N503.


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