Chrysler recalls Ram 1500 pickups equipped with adjustable pedals.

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Ram 1500 Floor Mat Recall Affects 186,000 Trucks
Chrysler recalls Ram 1500 pickups equipped with adjustable pedals.

— A Ram 1500 floor mat recall includes more than 186,000 model year 2019-2020 Ram 1500 trucks equipped with adjustable pedals.

Fiat Chrysler (FCA US) says the recall is necessary because the Ram 1500 adjustable pedals may be in a location where there isn't enough clearance with the all-weather floor mats.

Chrysler issued the Ram 1500 floor mat recall following an investigation that was opened when a customer said the floor mat interfered with the accelerator pedal. The automaker believes only one percent of the trucks may experience the problem.

Although FCA doesn't know of any crashes or injuries, floor mats that interfere with pedals may cause drivers serious problems.

Chrysler does emphasize the Ram 1500 trucks are equipped with brake-throttle override technology. Even if an accelerator pedal would get stuck toward the floor, applying the brakes will overcome simultaneous accelerator pedal application.

The Ram 1500 floor mat recall includes more than 160,000 trucks in the U.S., nearly 22,000 in Canada, 872 in Mexico and nearly 3,200 Ram 1500s outside North America.

In addition to the recalled trucks, Chrysler says more than 43,000 all-weather floor mats sold as aftermarket equipment are recalled. Those customers should bring the floor mats to dealers for modifications until the mats are replaced.

Chrysler says Ram 1500 truck owners will receive recall notices in October for dealers to modify the floor mats. If needed, a truck owner should remove the all-weather floor mats.

If you have questions about the Ram 1500 floor mat recall, call Chrysler at 800-853-2002. The Ram 1500 recall number is W63. has owner-reported complaints about Ram 1500 trucks.


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