Ford Fusion 6F35 transmissions allegedly cause shaking, jerking, bucking and acceleration issues.

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Ford Fusion Transmission Problems Lead to Lawsuit
Ford Fusion 6F35 transmissions allegedly cause shaking, jerking, bucking and acceleration issues.

— Ford Fusion transmission problems have caused a class action lawsuit that alleges 2010-2017 Fusions suffer all sorts of problems due to the automatic transmissions.

The 841-page Ford Fusion class action lawsuit names multiple allegedly defects components:

  • Failing fluid seal integrity
  • Throttle body deficiencies
  • Failed torque converter welds
  • Driveshaft failure
  • Failed transmission control module updates
  • Failed powertrain control module

The lawsuit alleges most of the problems come from Fusion 6F35 transmissions found in all automatic, non-hybrid Fusions from 2013 and later, and many 2010-2012 Ford Fusions.

Some 2010-2012 Ford Fusion cars may also be equipped with 6-speed automatic transmissions known as Aisin or Aisin Warner transmissions. But the class action says none of the cars appear to involve these transmissions.

All Ford Fusions equipped with manual transmissions are excluded from this class action lawsuit.

The Ford Fusion transmission problems allegedly cause multiple symptoms.

  • Sudden and unexpected shaking
  • Violent jerking, bucking and kicking on acceleration
  • Delayed acceleration
  • Gears slipping
  • Difficulty stopping the vehicle
  • Lack or loss of motive power
  • Delayed downshifts
  • Hard decelerations or clunks when slowing down or accelerating at low speeds

According to the plaintiffs, Ford knew in 2009 the Fusion transmission problems existed but failed to tell consumers about the alleged defects. Additionally, the plaintiffs claim a Ford Fusion transmission recall should have been issued long ago.

Every Ford plaintiff alleges they brought their Fusions to dealerships to fix the transmission problems, but Ford allegedly has no adequate repairs or procedures for the transmissions other than "temporary stop-gap measures destined to fail in the future."

The lawsuit alleges Ford lied to customers as to the reasons for the transmission problems as owners allegedly suffer from Fusions that fail while driving on the highways.

The Ford Fusion transmission class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan: Gant, et al., v. Ford Motor Company.

The plaintiffs are represented by Stern Law, PLLC, and Marino Law, PLLC.


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