Kia Forte cars with 2-liter Nu MPI engines may suffer engine damage due to the oil pumps.

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Kia Forte Oil Pump Failures Cause Recall
Kia Forte cars with 2-liter Nu MPI engines may suffer engine damage due to the oil pumps.

— Kia is recalling more than 4,500 Forte cars equipped with 2-liter Nu MPI engines to replace the oil pans.

The 2017-2018 Kia Forte cars may have problems with the oil pumps, a problem Kia learned about while investigating a different problem with the same engines that caused a recall of 167,000 Kia Soul and Seltos vehicles.

The 2-liter Nu MPI engines in the Soul and Seltos vehicles involve the piston oil rings. But the Forte vehicles have issues with foreign particles that may stick inside the oil pumps and cause oil pump failures and engine damage.

According to the automaker, the engine oil pump contains a relief plunger that controls oil pressure, but over time normally occurring foreign particles that are not captured by the oil filter can become stuck in the plunger due to a sharp edge on the plunger.

The Forte engine will suffer reduced oil pressure and engine lubrication and possibly abnormal engine noise and illumination of warning lights. To continue driving the vehicle means taking a chance of damaging the engine.

The oil pump relief plunger shape was changed to prevent foreign particles from becoming stuck, and this change was made in engines produced as of June 14, 2017.

The U.S. Kia Forte recall includes 4,069 vehicles, while in Canada 443 Kia Fortes are recalled.

The Kia Forte recall is expected to begin June 11, 2021, so that Kia dealerships can replace the engine oil pans.

Kia Forte owners may call 800-333-4542. Kia's reference number for this recall is SC210.


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