Tesla recalls more than 5,500 vehicles that may have shoulder seat belt issues.

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Tesla Seat Belt Problems Cause Model 3 and Model Y Recall
Tesla recalls more than 5,500 vehicles that may have shoulder seat belt issues.

— A Tesla Model 3 and Model Y recall includes more than 5,500 vehicles that may have faulty fasteners that secure the front seat shoulder belts to the B-pillars.

The problem can occur on the driver-side or passenger-side that has the shoulder belt portion of the seat belt attached to the B-pillar through a top loop.

The loop is attached to an actuating bracket with a secured fastener and the actuating bracket is attached to the B-pillar with another secured fastener. However, one or both fasteners may not have been secured properly.

Tesla says the problem could have occurred during assembly if the operator couldn't apply the specified torque and angle requirements. This would have caused a manual inspection and repair of the fastener which may not have been confirmed to be secured according to specification.

An occupant may notice a problem when trying to adjust the shoulder part of the seat belt.

Tesla was working on an unrelated issue on a 2021 Model Y when the fastener problem was discovered.

Tesla has been having trouble with various "fasteners" which also caused a recall of Model Y vehicles and a separate recall of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

Tesla is unaware of any crashes or injuries related to the fasteners, but service centers will need to inspect and repair both fasteners.

Tesla hasn't provided a recall schedule, but customers with questions may call 877-79-TESLA (877-798-3752) and refer to recall number SB-21-20-001.


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