Tesla recalls more than 2,000 Model Y vehicles to secure the second-row seat belt retractors.

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Tesla Model Y Recall Issued Over Seat Belt Problems
Tesla recalls more than 2,000 Model Y vehicles to secure the second-row seat belt retractors.

— A Tesla Model Y recall includes 2,166 model year 2019-2021 Model Y vehicles that may have second-row seat belt problems.

One or both fasteners that secure the second-row seat belt retractors may not be properly attached.

Tesla says cross-threading of the fasteners is the issue because the fasteners may not have been secured according to specification. This can cause problems when securing occupants in crash impacts, although Tesla says it isn't aware of any incidents.

The cross-threading could have occurred when the assembly operator made several attempts to torque the second-row seat belt retractor fasteners. A correct torque record will exist even though the fastener has been damaged.

A Tesla occupant may notice a noise or strange feeling when the second-row left- or right-side seat belt retractor is pulled during latching or released during unlatching.

Tesla found a second-row unsecured seat belt retractor on a 2021 Model Y while performing service in March for a different problem.

Engineers checked repair records for that specific Model Y and learned there had been several unsuccessful attempts to secure the fastener. This was followed by a confirmation the fastener was secured to the correct specification. Tesla then determined the multiple attempts may have cross-threaded the fastener.

A search of other vehicles discovered another Model Y with the same seat belt retractor condition.

Tesla has been having trouble with various "fasteners" which also caused a recall of Model Y and Model 3 vehicles and a separate recall of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

Tesla will inspect and possibly replace the seat belt retractor fasteners, but Tesla hasn't announced when that will happen.

Tesla Model Y owners may call the automaker at 877-79-TESLA (877-798-3752). Tesla's Model Y recall number is SB-21-20-002.


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