Three customers petition government to investigate 2021 Ford Bronco engine failures caused by valves

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Ford Bronco Engine Problems Allegedly Caused by Valves
Three customers petition government to investigate 2021 Ford Bronco engine failures caused by valves

— Ford Bronco engine problems have caused three consumers to file petitions seeking an investigation into 2021 Ford Bronco 2.7L EcoBoost engine failures possibly caused by the valves.

More than two dozen 2021 Ford Bronco owners have filed complaints about their vehicles suddenly losing power while driving.

Bronco drivers also say the SUVs cannot be restarted because the 2.7L EcoBoost engines catastrophically failed.

"After 625 miles the low engine oil pressure alert came on. Had vehicle towed to dealership. After inspection they stated the engine will need to be replaced. It has now been two months and I’m still waiting for my vehicle to be repaired."

"First time the engine lights came on and turned off the car could not restart, needed a new engine the first engine had 830 miles. Second time car stalled and the car would not start they replaced the engine again this time that engine had about 1,200 miles. Third time the car did the same thing with about 1,400 miles. All three times I was driving on Busy roads almost got hit all three times. Dealership did not give me any paperwork."

"Was driving my son to school, maybe 30 mph when all of a sudden I heard some clicking noises from the engine. The power dropped and I was barely able to pull over to the side of the busy road out of harms way. Engine dead. Only warning lights I got were a forward sensor failure and then a message telling me to pull over put it in park and restart. I tried but I was not able to restart, the starter fired but didn't seem to engage with anything. Got towed to the dealer. Dealer confirmed a dropped valve and engine failure. Awaiting a replacement engine."

The three petitions (here, here and here) request a formal investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine if the valves and 2.7-liter EcoBoost engines are defective.

NHTSA will evaluate the petitions and complaints to determine if the Ford Bronco engine problems should be officially investigated.

The government didn't release more details, but will update our website when NHTSA grants or denies the 2021 Ford Bronco engine problem petitions.


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