Ford Ranger recall includes 232,000 trucks previously recalled for airbag problems.

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Ford Recalls 2004-2006 Rangers To Replace Airbags
Ford Ranger recall includes 232,000 trucks previously recalled for airbag problems.

— A Ford Ranger airbag recall involves about 232,000 trucks that previously received front passenger airbag inflator replacements.

But 2004-2006 Ford Ranger owners will have to go through all of it again because Ford says the replacement inflators may not have been installed properly.

Ford opened an investigation into reports of airbags that weren't installed correctly in previously recalled trucks. Ford says there were detailed work instructions and diagrams for proper airbag inflator installation.

According to Ford, a third-party mobile repair team discovered an incorrectly installed airbag inflator while working on a Ranger. In this case, the frontal passenger airbag inflator had been replaced but the new inflator was incorrectly installed.

Ford also found two trucks that contained airbag inflators that weren't correctly installed.

"In January 2023, Ford consulted with technicians involved in the incorrect repairs. Technicians who mis-installed the inflator told Ford they did not review the instructions prior to installation." — Ford

Ford says it has improved its communications with dealerships and the automaker told workers the importance of following service instructions.

As of February 6, 2023, seven vehicles with incorrect inflator orientation have been found, but there are no warranty or field reports and no crash or injury reports.

Ford Ranger airbag recall letters will be mailed May 22, 2023. Dealers will inspect and reinstall the front passenger airbag inflators as necessary.

Ford Ranger owners may call 866-436-7332 and use airbag recall number 23S08.


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