Dodge Journey backup camera screens appear black, flashing, blurred or upside down.

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Dodge Journey Backup Camera Failures Investigated
Dodge Journey backup camera screens appear black, flashing, blurred or upside down.

— Dodge Journey backup camera failures are under a federal microscope after complaints the 2018-2020 Journey backup camera screens appeared black, upside down, blurred or the screens flash.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says more than 226,000 Dodge Journey SUVs are included in the investigation.

Based on owner complaints such as these about 2018 Dodge Journey backup camera failures, fixing the problem can cost hundreds of dollars.

"The backup camera stopped working. I took it in. They said I need to replace the camera. They replaced the camera. The NEW Camera that the dealership put in during July of 2021 has now STOPPED WORKING. Ridiculous. Now they want a $189 fee to diagnose the issue again. And then I'm sure they recommend a new NEW camera and wiring. I'll have to pay because it's over a year since they replaced the other one. Pathetic. I'll never buy a Dodge again."

"I went to park my car where the back up camera screen suddenly turned Black and stopped working. I took it into the shop several days later where they claimed to fix the issue. I paid $300 for it to be fixed. Then in March 2020, it happened again and I took it back and they said that last time they didn't replace the wires, just put them back together and this time will have to replace them."

The owner "ended up having to pay $650 total for the whole job because it was not covered under the warranty."

"However, this is a safety issue because when the camera stopped working, the interior cabin lights would not turn off while driving and would brighten when I hit the break making it dangerous when driving in the dark. This is unacceptable and something that Dodge needs to look into as it is a safety issue."

The NHTSA investigation will determine if the backup camera failures should be repaired through a Dodge Journey recall. will update our website with results of the Dodge Journey backup camera failure investigation.


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