Ford Escape and Ford Fusion models allegedly have 6F35 transmission problems.

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Ford 6F35 Transmission Recall Required, Alleges Class Action Lawsuit
Ford Escape and Ford Fusion models allegedly have 6F35 transmission problems.

— A Ford 6F35 transmission recall should have allegedly been issued long ago for 2010-2020 Ford Fusion and 2009-2021 Ford Escape vehicles.

That viewpoint comes from a 534-page class action lawsuit which alleges Ford Fusion and Ford Escape 6F35 transmissions have problems, and Ford allegedly should not have sold the vehicles without warning owners of the alleged transmission problems.

Without a Ford 6F35 transmission recall, consumers are allegedly stuck in unsafe Fusion and Escape vehicles that require costly repairs and suffer minimal resale values.

According to customers, Ford allegedly, "unlawfully induced them to purchase or lease their respective Vehicles by concealing a material fact (the defective transmission)."

As stated in every automotive class action lawsuit, owners allegedly would have paid a lot less for their vehicles or might not have purchased them at all if customers would have known about the alleged Ford 6F35 transmission problems.

"Ford, however, continued to install these defective transmissions in Fusion and Escape vehicles, even though Ford knew of their defects undisclosed to owners, lessees, and prospective purchasers and lessees. Even worse, Ford repeatedly lied to consumers as to the reasons for the problems consumers experienced." — Ford 6F35 transmission lawsuit

Without a Ford Fusion and Ford Escape 6F35 transmission recall, the lawsuit alleges customers must cope with several not-so-good vehicle issues.

  • Sudden and unexpected shaking
  • Violent jerking
  • Bucking and kicking on acceleration (referred to as shuddering or juddering)
  • Delayed acceleration (especially from a complete stop)
  • Gears slipping
  • Hesitation on acceleration
  • Difficulty stopping the vehicle
  • Lack or loss of motive power
  • Delayed downshifts
  • Hard decelerations or "clunks" when slowing down or accelerating at low speeds
  • Transmission failures in the middle of roadways
  • Catastrophic failures necessitating 6F35 transmission replacement
  • Lurching, surging or revving

As for what causes those negative symptoms, the Ford class action lawsuit blames several "deficiencies."

  • Failing fluid seal integrity
  • Throttle body deficiencies
  • Failed torque converter welds
  • Driveshaft failure
  • Failed transmission control module or powertrain control module updates
  • Deficient software logic and architecture
  • Deficient calibration values
  • Deficient solenoids
  • Deficient clutch friction materials
  • Deficient rocker one-way clutch
  • Deficient torque converter
  • Automatic transmission fluid not properly suited for use in the 6F35 transmission
  • An undersized fuel pump
  • The vehicle’s design and architecture issues
  • The inability of the transmission’s software and hardware to work together to effectuate proper gear shifts

According to the class action lawsuit, Ford has allegedly concealed the 6F35 transmission problems since at least 2009.

The Ford 6F35 transmission class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan (Southern Division): Gerkarrah Jones, et al., v. Ford Motor Company.

The plaintiff is represented by Stern Law, PLLC, Wells Law Office, Inc., Marino Law PLLC, and Newsome Melton, PA.


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