More than 86,000 Transit vans may have driveshafts that separate, along with locked rear wheels.

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Ford Transit Recall: Rear Wheels Could Lock-Up
More than 86,000 Transit vans may have driveshafts that separate, along with locked rear wheels.

— A Ford Transit rear axle recall includes more than 86,000 vans that could lock-up the wheels or cause the driveshafts to separate.

The 2023-2024 Ford Transits may have an inadequate amount of rear axle lubricant, leading to rear axle tail bearing damage and seizure.

"Insufficient rear axle lubricant fill volume may result in inadequate coating of the rear axle tail bearing, potentially leading the bearing to overheat and seize. Bearing seizure may lead to rear wheel lock-up and driveshaft separation from the rear axle." — Ford

A driver could have real trouble controlling the van if the wheels lock-up, and a separated driveshaft will allow the Transit to roll away if the parking brake isn't engaged.

Ford opened an investigation in November 2023 after reports of rear axle bearing failures on 2023-2024 Transit vans equipped with 9.75” rear axles.

Ford learned a new lightweight carrier design had been introduced into production in May 2023 at the assembly plant for the Transit 9.75” axles. And the axle lubrication fill volume for the carrier design was reduced by 1.5 pints compared to the axle fill volume of the prior design.

Ford also determined a low lubricant level allows for a dry start-up of the rear axle tail bearing which can result in bearing damage.

As of January 23, Ford was aware of 269 warranty reports and 30 field reports, and 19 Transits had alleged rear wheel lock-up and/or loss of motive power. There was also one driveshaft separation.

Nearly 9,000 of the Transit vans are recalled in Canada.

Ford Transit recall letters will be mailed March 3, 2024, and dealers may need to replace the axle bearings or axle assemblies.

Transit owners may contact Ford at 866-436-7332 and use rear axle recall number 24S05.


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