Kia recalls 446,000 Tellurides over intermediate shafts and right front driveshafts.

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Kia Telluride Recall Issued Over Rollaway Risk
Kia recalls 446,000 Tellurides over intermediate shafts and right front driveshafts.

— A Kia Telluride recall affects 446,000 SUVs with intermediate shafts and right front driveshafts that may not be fully engaged.

This can cause 2020-2024 Tellurides to roll away even with the gear shifters in PARK

Kia is warning Telluride drivers to apply the parking brakes every time they exit the SUVs until the vehicles are repaired.

According to Kia:

"The intermediate shaft and right front driveshaft may not be fully engaged due to suspected improper assembly by the supplier. Over time, partial engagement can cause damage to the intermediate shaft splines. Damaged shaft splines may result in unintended vehicle movement while in Park if the parking brake is not engaged."

Kia Telluride owners should be aware of a loss of power or grinding noise.

In April 2022 during routine data monitoring, Kia found Telluride complaints about transmissions not holding PARK or unintended movements of the SUVs.

Kia Telluride owners also complained of hearing grinding noise, feeling vibration, inability to shift into DRIVE or REVERSE, and noise when turning or hitting bumps.

Kia updated the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of additional reports and collected parts for testing, but engineers found no common failure pattern.

By March 2024, Kia knew of 10 Kia Telluride warranty claims, three techline cases and four customer complaints associated with intermediate shaft spline wear.

However, Kia is unaware of any crashes or injuries.

More than 18,000 of the Tellurides are recalled in Canada.

Kia dealers will update the electronic parking brake software and replace any damaged intermediate shafts once recall letters are mailed May 15, 2024.

Kia Telluride owners may call 800-333-4542 and ask about Kia Telluride recall number SC303.


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