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Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 96 number 12-37 dated June 11, 2012. The customer may report that the handheld transmitter cannot be programmed to the garage door opener control module, J530. The customer's door opener system may not be compatible with J530. The battery in the handheld transmitter may be too weak for a good signal. The battery charge may be sufficient to operate the garage door opener, but not enough to program the remote transmitter to the vehicle system. In A4 Model Years 2005 - 2006 and A3 Model Year 2009, the actual location of the garage door opener control module differs from the location shown in the owner's manual (opposite side of front bumper). The customer may misunderstand the programming procedure, particularly if the customer's HomeLink® opener system is using an alternate code. The handheld transmitter's programming function may become inoperative, or the transmitter is too far away from J530. Interference prevents the communication between handheld transmitter and J530. If the vehicle flashes during the programming of a handheld transmitter, this does not necessarily indicate that the programming was successful; it only indicates that the vehicle has recognized and saved a signal.

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Date Published
JUL 10, 2013
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