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Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 48 number 13-51 dated August 30, 2013. Electrically-adjustable steering column adjustment is restricted and does not adjust vertically. Incorrect operation of Easy Entry is not the cause. It is unlikely that external forces have led to the loss of the stored end positions of the adjustment movement. See TSB 2015819, 48 Easy Entry function of the power adjustable steering column intermittently does not work, for more information. Seat adjustments can be used to maintain the 10-inch minimum recommended distance from the steering wheel in case of airbag deployment. The axial adjustment is still functional during this condition. The steering column may be under tension due to unfavorable tolerances of the steering column and module cross carrier. As a result, the current draw of the regulator motors is above specification, which causes the electric steering column adjustment to fail. Once the vehicle electrical system control module, J519 (address word 09), detects an excessive current draw, the basic settings will be erased. If basic settings are not stored in the vehicle electrical system control module, the module will not send voltage/current to the motor to operate the vertical adjustment.

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Date Published
JUN 02, 2014
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