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Volkswagen (VW) is recalling certain VW passat 4motion and Audi A6 quattro and Allroad quattro all-wheel drive passenger cars.VW vehicles subject to recall were manufactured from November 22, 2000 through May 31, 2005 and Audi vehicles subject to recall were manufactured from June 2, 2001 to June 1, 2005.the NHTSA recall number for the VW vehicles is 08V-156 (VW also is correcting defects related to heat shield and fuel line hazards for these vehicles and for 1999-2000 passats in this recall action.)the NHTSA recall number for the Audi vehicles is 08V-157.since 2006, ODI has received 17 complaints of fuel leaking from the subject vehicles' fuel tanks.the 400 complaints shown above may include duplicate reports to ODI and the manufacturer. While the consequence (fuel leaks from the top of the tank) is similar for both the passat and Audi subject vehicles, differences in design and construction require a different remedy for each vehicle.on the passats, the ventilation line could have been installed improperly with tension and with an incorrectly positioned cable tie.the tension could cause cracked or broken nipples on the fuel tank rollover valve.on the Audi vehicles, a material change (effective June 2, 2001) with different aging characteristics used for the rollover valve and the use of an inflexible aluminum ventilation line could cause cracking of the nipple on the rollover valve.VW is recalling all vehicles subject to these defects.it will inspect passats to ensure that the vent line is tension free and correct the installation if tension is found.if a crack or fuel leak is found, VW will replace the fuel tank.Audi will repair all subject vehicles by reinforcing the fuel tank rollover valve with an epoxy adhesive.this investigation is closed.
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Date Opened
JAN 31, 2008
Date Closed
MAY 30, 2008
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