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In response to ODI's information request for PE08-032 BMW stated that "during failure of the high pressure pump the customer should initially experience longer engine starting times or rough engine running.after a distance of approximately 1 to 2 miles the pump- and engine-emergency operation program is activated, and the malfunction indicator lamp is illuminated."despite reduced engine power BMW believes that safe vehicle operation is possible and that vehicle driveability, steering, and braking systems are not affected and function in a normal manner.BMW indicated that only in very rare cases could the engine stall. ODI's analysis of warranty data claims indicating possible stall incidents estimates that the rate at three years in service would be less than 1.0% of the population (note that some of the claims indicating stall do not appear to involve actual engine stalls, but rather operation at reduced engine power).ODI's analysis of consumer complaints determined that about half describe the consequence of the failure as operation in limp mode, 27 percent indicate the problem resulted in a hard start or no start condition and 19 percent state that the problem was detected by illumination of the malfunction indicator lamp or a minor driveability symptom. Only four percent of the complaints to ODI and BMW indicate that an engine stall occurred.BMW indicated that a service action was initiated in April 2008 to address the problem and it is continuing to monitor the field situation and analyze field data. Further investigation of this matter would not be an efficient allocation of Agency resources.accordingly, this investigation is closed.the closing of this investigation does not constitute a finding by NHTSA that a safety-related defect does not exist.the Agency will continue to monitor complaints and other information relating to the alleged defect in the subject vehicles and take further action in the future if warranted.
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Date Opened
APR 28, 2008
Date Closed
AUG 15, 2008
NHTSA Recall #
No recall issued
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