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"?DYNAMIC STABILTY CONTROL WARNING ON WITH LIMITED POWER STEERING ASSIST This Service Information bulletin replaces SI B34 09 16 dated January 2017 What's New: ? This SIB is a complete revision of B34 09 16. Steering feels heavy (limited power assist) The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) light and Service Engine Soon light may be on. The following message may be displayed in the Check Control (CC): * CCM 350 ""It is possible to continue to drive. All-wheel drive system."" * Other CC messages may be stored related to: Restraint system / lane change warning / distance information / pedestrian protection. One or both of the following faults are stored in the DSC: * D36500 - Message fault (xDrive actuator information, ID: XDRV_ACT_INFO) - Timeout * D356E4 - Message fault (status of distribution of the longitudinal torque on the front axle rear axle, ID: ST_REPAT_XTRQ_FTAX_BAX) - Timeout The following faults can also be stored in the DDE or DME: * DDE: CD95E0 - Message (ST_REPAT_XTRQ_FTAX_BAX, 19.3.4,FX), Timeout: Message (status of distribution of longitudinal torque of front axle rear axle) from longitudinal torque distribution failed * DME: CDA056 - FlexRay, message (status of distribution of longitudinal torque of front axle rear axle / xDrive actuator information, 19.3.4): missing Internal fault in the transfer case control unit (Longitudinal Torque Module - LMV). "

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Date Published
SEP 01, 2018
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