pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
63,700 miles
Total Complaints:
11 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace TIPM (9 reports)
  2. not sure (2 reports)
2012 Chrysler 200 electrical problems

electrical problem

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2012 Chrysler 200 Owner Comments

problem #11

Apr 012015

200 LX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,000 miles


This is an ongoing problem with Chrysler vehicles. The TIPM module starts acting up and affects multiple electrical systems. Yet Chrysler refuses to address the issue! Plus the replacement part is a "dealer only" repair at well over a $1000.00! I've read a few post that there is supposedly a class action lawsuit being filed against Chrysler about this but to date I've heard or seen nothing happening.

- Dan C., Concord , NH, US

problem #10

Mar 052018

200 LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 88,000 miles

Around February 2018 wipers would switch to fast with me turning switch, had just bought new wiper blades so went back to auto zone and tole them they gave me defective wiper blades. They said no, I need a motor for the wiper blades; so as soon as pay day went to my local person who does my oil change (midas) to put wiper motor in as everyone else cost was way over my budget. my oil person put wiper motor in, let there on way home and still wipers would start on low delay, but then switch to fast and stop in the middle of windshield and it pouring raining, I'm on highway on way home; had to turn around and go back to service person. He couldn't figure out. Went home-rain stopped.

Next week more rain went back to my Midas, does know what to do. I went on line research found 200 blog and learned others 200 customers had same problem. Called another another car service person who worked on all my other cars and ask if he knew what a TIPM was and how to fix. Before he could get back to me I made an appointment with my local Chrysler dealer service to confirm what it was. That's what it was but the cost to fix $1495. Appalling!!

In mean time other service call back and said to contact Chrysler Corp. office. I did. First customer service said to contact Regional Manager in my area Connecticut. Mean time local dealer called regarding my visit; told him I couldn't afford to fix. He gave 10% of bill $140 not enough Called Chrysler back, second service person said could not do anything-warranty ran out. DA! Of course warranty ran out its 2018 bought car 2013. Chrysler Corp couldn't /wouldn't do anything. Completed survey that was sent explaining problem somebody from Chrysler - heard nothing. Can not afford to fix this (one income).

As of today July 25, 2018 still not fix; Rainstorms in the area. Left work early last week to get home before rain storm. More rain storms this week. Brother told me to go to Ebay to look for part. In mean time found this site. But buying part online not safe. Looking to trade car in. I really can't believe I have to do this. Car is not paid for.

CRAZY. If I get rid of this car, I will NEVER NEVER buy another Chrysler.

- Linda F P., Windsor, CT, US

problem #9

Oct 152017

200 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,000 miles

My stepdaughter's car (2012 Chrysler 200), apparently has a bad TIPM. Took it to Checker who diagnosed the "Check Engine" light which had come on and told us it was most likely the TIPM. We then took it to the local Chrysler dealer (Earnhardt, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram in Gilbert, AZ) for an N38 Recall issue (Active Head Restraint/Air Bag) They told us they would reset the TIPM module and we were hoping to have the issue resolved. It should be noted that before we took it for the recall issue, the car had seemed to be working fine and mysteriously the check engine light had turned off. Well, lo and behold after they reprogrammed the TIPM and did the Air bag recall we picked up the car and my wife immediately noticed that the check engine light had reappeared and the car was once again driving like sh*t! I came home and started doing research and found this webpage that told me to file complaints, however, I also noticed that there was apparently a software patch that Chrysler came out with as a result of this problem. I called Chrysler @ 800-992-1997 thinking I might get someone who could give me more information but of course this hapless character didn't know what the hell I was talking about in reference to a "software patch" He did call the dealership we were just at for the recall, but of course, got nothing but an answering machine. He told me he left a message and they would call back Monday to talk about our concerns. I'm not holding my breath waiting for the call.

What bothers me most, and is extremely frustrating is the fact that thousands of people have contacted Chrysler and other sources and have gotten nowhere. In particular, the idiots at the National Transportation and Health Safety Administration. How can an agency do NOTHING to help the consumers confronted with such a serious problem. There is an incident which seems to be recurring with this TIPM, and it in fact has occurred with my step daughters vehicle, and that is that the car has on 2 separate occasions completely shut off!! This is ridiculous to even think this can occur and not have a recall to fix it. I better NEVER get a phone call telling my daughter has been injured due to something related to this causing it. Someone will pay!!

- Mike S., Chandler, US

problem #8

Dec 032016

200 Convertible

  • Automatic transmission
  • 43,000 miles


Around last November I used me key remote to unlock my car as I was approaching it like I always do. But this time when I clicked the unlock button, the windshield wipers turned on, my lights were flashing, the horn was hanking and my vents turned on. After that, the windshield wipers only work when they want to - they'll turn off and on by themselves randomly, but I can't turn them on with the switch - which was not fun, nor safe when I was caught out in the rain. Different electrical features will turn on by themselves.... even when I'm not driving or in the car. Two weeks ago, the wipers turned on while I was on my way to work (on a sunny day) and were moving so hard and rapidly that it actually broke off the driver’s side wiper, so the metal arm was scraping my windshield. When I turned off the car, they slowed down a little, but didn’t stop until I physically stopped them from moving. It's worn down the battery multiple times and at this point isn't even drivable. I did some research on the issue and am shocked at what I'm finding. This isn't just a minor inconvenience... it's very VERY unsafe: • The fuel pump not turning off and burning out • The airbags not deploying OR deploying randomly • The engine stalling while driving • The starter cranks but won’t start • The horn going off at random times • Power windows not working • Doors locking or unlocking themselves The dealership wants to charge me $1800 to replace the TIPM, but I see other Chrysler models have been recalled for this... except mine hasn't. I don't have $1,800 to fix a defective car - especially when it's a known issue to the company. I’m beyond frustrated.

- jvuksic, Los Angeles, US

problem #7

May 012017

200 Limited 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,196 miles

This problem has occurred on three different occasions. The first time it actually reset itself, the second I brought it to the dealership and paid $100 to diagnose the problem, only to have them tell me they reset the computer, but never gave a reason as to why they had to reset it. And the third time, I took it to the mechanic at my job and told him the issue and he immediately said that it sounded like the TIPM was losing the connections to the

Multi-Function Switch. He reset the computer once again, but stated that this would only momentarily fix the issue. Which I already new because it was just reset back in mid December (it's now May). Not knowing what those parts even are, I of course, like most, Goggled it. Finding out that this seems to be a common problem with Chrylser. I have sent Chrysler an email, explaining what the problem is and that I don't think I should be responsible to pay any repair costs.

- jlincoln887jl, North Adams, US

problem #6

Mar 222017

200 LX 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 81,935 miles

Failure of the totally integrated control/power module. Class action lawsuit has already prevailed in California. Chrysler knows this part if failing and causing cars to act possessed yet they are doing nothing to protect their customers. The part can take up to two months to receive after their own dealers order it. While I haven't had it fixed yet my car will be going into the Chrysler dealer tomorrow via tow truck. The car cranks but doesn't start. The heater cycles through every setting each time you start the car (when it will start). The heater issue has been going on since I purchased the car but I just figured it was a fluke and paid no mind to hit. Now the car cranks but does not start. When it does start it will stall for no reason at times and than other times runs fine for days at a time.

- Michelle G., Olympia, WA, US

problem #5

Oct 012015

200 V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,995 miles


Chrysler and their Service Center is full of SH*T!!!! My car was bought brand new in 2012 and the TIPM needs replacing and they can't assist because of mileage. Who has cars set at 36,000 mile warranty?? Only Bullshit dealerships that sells LEMONS!!!! F*CK CHRYSLER DODGE &JEEP!!!! I will tell the world about the sh*t they are selling!!

Update from Dec 28, 2015: Please stay away from Chrysler dealerships and the lies that their service center tells!!!

- Sherita P., Brookwood, AL, US

problem #4

Apr 202015

200 LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,576 miles

My windshield wipers stopped working, they only run on high. Took it into the dealership, they replaced the wiper motor only to not fix the problem. They then ran the codes, to discover it is the TIPM that needs replaced. They contacted my extended warranty company to replace it, who said that part is not covered under the electrical because it is a fuse box. Dealership says part cost over $800. Well I still have no wipers working and winter is here!! Fun times

- jreynoldswa, Ellensburg, WA, US

problem #3

Nov 142015

200 S 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 26,408 miles

Suddenly, and without warning, the wipers did not work on any setting but "High." They also would not "Park," so you had to time the shut off to get the wipers where they should be. I took it to the dealer, suspecting the notorious TIPM. I was met with doubtful responses from the service advisor, who claimed that this model doesn't have that problem, instead claiming it was usually the switch or motor. Sure enough, their diagnosis hours later was that of the TIPM. The cost to replace is outrageous, considering I brought the car in for a windshield wiper issue. The advisor was very "matter of fact" about the price, with no offer of relief of any kind. He still claims that after speaking to the technician, that these cars are not common TIPM failures. I disagree, after much research, they just haven't been included yet! I will follow this up with a complaint to FCA and NHTSA, as this is not an "isolated"incident, as the dealers would have you believe. My advice to anyone out there is to not let the dealership "throw" parts at this problem until they come up with the proper diagnosis, as they would with a warranty job. I let this service advisor know right away what I suspected.

- bruceon, Mississauga, ON, Canada

problem #2

Oct 252012

200 Limited 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 51,000 miles

When I bought the car back in 2012, some months later I noticed heat was coming from under the bottom of my driver and passenger side as well as the windows were fogging up. I thought nothing of it until this year it has gotten worse. I noticed when I got my last oil change at the dealer they didn't fill my overflow with antifreeze so I thought this was the issue. I had a friend to fill it up over the weekend and he saw that when the engine was on the antifreeze was boiling in the overflow. That shouldn't be happening. I called my the Chrysler dealer and they indicated it was the TIPM which had shorted out and that my fan wasn't coming on like it should. My car is at the dealership now, I had to get a rental and its going to cost me $1275.00. I believe this has been an issue with this car from the start and Chrysler is aware of it on cars but have not issued a recall. Something needs to be done about this.

- Alicia C., Oxon Hill, MD, US

problem #1

Jan 152015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,245 miles

I brought this car and have had so many problems am getting upset with this car. Went through two sets of tires, now have this other problem and my extend warranty won't even pay for this. Have one light on and one off all because ot something call (TIPM). Dealer says need this part (TIPM), it cost $1,204.

- Anthony A., New Haven, CT, US

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