really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
86,950 miles
Total Complaints:
14 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. engine replacement (10 reports)
  2. not sure (3 reports)
  3. replace intake manifold (1 reports)
2005 Chrysler 300C engine problems

engine problem

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2005 Chrysler 300C Owner Comments

problem #14

Feb 152018

300C LX 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 150,210 miles


Turns out the ticking was from the car being low on oil, no warning lights or anything. Drove to Palm Springs from El Centro on the way back, stopped for gas & when I left the gas station it stalled. Waited about an hour, thought maybe it was just hot. After it started right up, drove it down the road about 15 miles & it just dies. I pulled over & had to have it towed back home. It had burned up almost all the oil. Now it's just a giant paperweight. I can't afford to replace the engine, so it's just going to sit.

- Robert O., El Centro, CA, US

problem #13

Mar 142018

300C AWD 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,300 miles

So, the first generation 5.7L Hemi has a tendency to blow oil precipitates all over the PCV/breather system. This is nothing new; it's not an uncommon thing to crack open the air box on your Charger or Challenger R/T or 300C and see a puddle of oil sludge on top of your air filter. I installed a catch can shortly after buying the car, and this eliminated the oil-in-the-airbox problem, but apparently the intake manifold still sucks in oil and causes it to combust and exhausted out.

It's also worth mentioning that the AWD models have a weird corkscrew dipstick, and if you're running 0w20 synthetic, it has a tendency to shake off the end of the dipstick before you even get it out of the tube. So it's next to impossible to read the level on these cars.

So, combine these two things, and you have a recipe for disaster. "Crankcase is peachy" and "three quarts low and about to throw a rod" look exactly the same on the stick, and it's apparently a grave mistake to assume that your car with under 85,000 miles on the odometer isn't blowing oil, even when the exhaust doesn't look the slightest bit bluish. Because let's face it, 0w20 isn't going to make that thick of smoke.

So one day, my 300 develops a bit of a tick. I figured it was plain old Hemi fuel injector tick, which goes away with an oil change. Took it in for an oil change, and the tick became a clunk. A bearing had seized, likely because I'd been running with low oil -- and no pressure warnings or visible indication on the dipstick -- for at least a couple of weeks to a month. This ended with a cracked piston and a $9,000 parts and labor quote.

That's enough Chrysler for me for one lifetime. If your build quality gets better when you partner with mother-flipping Fiat, maybe as a company you need to go home and rethink your life. At least the 300C was fun while it lasted. I'm just glad that it didn't seize while I was taking my kid to school in the dead of winter.

- Nicholas D., Rapid City, SD, US

problem #12

Jun 122014

300C C 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 149,000 miles

I bought my 2005 300C in June of 2007 from an elderly woman who barely drove it because it was "too much car" (power) for her. It had 15000 miles on it and was in extremely perfect condition. It looked like it came off the showroom floor. I take very good care of my cars and use an excellent repair shop that I have dealt with for 25 years to keep them this way. On my way home from work in June of 2014, I took off from a signal and ton's of white smoke poured out from the rear of the car. I looked at the temp gauge and it was showing "normal". I got to a place I could pull over and turned the engine off. That was it. It was seized up. The top radiator hose WITH CLAMP was blown off the radiator...Unbelievable! I had it towed to my mechanics shop. They determined that one of the cylinders was cracked and flooded with water and the oil had water in it also. Absolutely NO PROBLEMS up until the instant the white smoke poured from the rear of the car. After conversing with my mechanic, due to the STILL EXCELLENT condition of my car inside and out, he recommended that we replace the engine IF I didn't want a car payment. I asked him if he was absolutely sure it would be dependable and reliable after he was done and he assured me that it would be. They replaced the factory engine with a Jasper engine, comes with a 3 year 100000 mile warranty. It took about 5 weeks total and $8000 to finish the repair. I picked it up and drove it off. For 3 days, this car ran like NEW. Then the inevitable happened. The transmission went out! Turns out that the solenoid inside the transmission blew and was going to cost as much to fix as it would be to replace it. I already had $8000 in the car, so I put another $3500 in it to replace the transmission with a FACTORY CHRYSLER TRANSMISSION. Turns out that Chrysler used a Mercedes Transmission in this vehicle and it could only be started up from an authorized Chrysler dealer. They had my car towed to Chrysler and they added the oil and checked the electrical components on the transmission. They also found that my computer in the car was 8 updates behind, so they updated the computer as well. I got the car back and within 2 days, the transmission goes out again! It is the SAME ISSUE! A bad solenoid! After 2 weeks of "who's going to pay for it", Chrysler made the right choice and THEY replaced my transmission with another brand new factory transmission. I drove it away after 3 weeks and the car ran beautiful for about 2 weeks. Now all kinds of electrical problems started happening. To make a longer story shorter, come to find out that Chrysler ran the 2 big wire looms along side the exhaust manifolds and over time the heat had melted some of the rubber covering the wires to the point that they were arcing causing all kinds of computer issues. My mechanics decided to pull each wire apart and rewrap them. They did not charge me for this which was a HUGE job. They felt it should have been done during engine replacement. This fixed everything for now. Over the next couple of months, I kept getting codes thrown for issues that were non existent and they fixed all of these under warranty also. 2 months go by and my engine begins to use oil. Jasper techs came out and to check it and they "replaced the engine"! Unbelievable! I pick up my car after this scenario and it ran perfectly again...for about 6 weeks. Then it began to use oil and water again. Jasper techs came out again. They said they would replace the engine but they HIGHLY RECOMMEND that we replace the MANIFOLD also because it is now known that this manifold can suck the oil out of the engine and blow it out the back of the exhaust. If we didn't replace the manifold, they would not warranty any further engine repairs. My mechanic gave me his cost. The manifold invoice cost was $404. I picked up the car after my 3rd engine and 3rd transmission and everything seems to be running perfect. About 2 months later, the car starts throwing codes again. All of my interior lights went out! Everything! My mechanic is besides himself at this point. They recommended that I take it to Chrysler and have them diagnose the electrical system because everything they tried, did not fix the problem. Chrysler charged me $1807 to diagnose my ENTIRE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. They found a bad "memory module" and a bad "instrument cluster". After replacing both of these, I have had NO PROBLEMS with my car. I love my car but I don't think I will ever go through this pain and agony again. To date, I have about 9000 miles on my newest engine and transmission, have taken trips to Vegas and up to northern California and have had no more problems. I will say that Jasper stood behind their engine until the thing was running properly. Even they were surprised that they had to replace 3 of them. A learning experience for all of us. This will be my last Chrysler product now that I know how they build their drivetrains. And by the way, my mechanic "rerouted the wiring harness" on the second engine replacement. So I don't have to worry about the wires melting together anymore. If I can get 3 more years out of this car, I feel I will have gotten my moneys worth out of it. Hope someone finds this article helpful.

- Tim G., Moreno Valley, US

problem #11

Jun 282015

300C Limited 5.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,700 miles


While driving all types of dash lights (service engine, oil, esp. etc.) will come on and speedometer will fluctuate. The engine will stall. Very dangerous. Vehicle is presently at Chrysler dealer for repairs, has been there for past 13 days. Five days ago they said it was fixed. They replaced P.T.S. module and shifter. I went to pick it up paid $868 (Newark Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge Newark De) I didn't even get it off their lot, turned ignition on and dash warning lights came on. Test drove with mechanic came back he said he reset some codes and it was fixed... again. I drove it off the lot two minutes down the road same thing happened, above mentioned dash lights came on and vehicle stalled could have gotten rear ended. Took vehicle back to dealership.. still there. They advised they are working on it but can still not find the problem. 13 days and $868 later this is where I'm at. It appears that many Chrysler 200 and 300C (I have a 2005 5.7) are having this same problem... Good luck all.

- Angel A., Wilmington, DE, US

problem #10

Dec 102011

300C 300C 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 52,000 miles

During December of 2011 my 2005 Chrysler 300C had engine failure while driving on the highway with my 2 kids In the car during a very cold winter evening. The engine seized so bad that smoke began to enter the inside compartment of the vehicle. Thankfully it was under the extended warranty and it was towed to a dealer.

They had the car for 2 weeks and were unable to detect the problem. They were able to provide me with a new engine, however this problem occurred 2 more time within the 12 months and the top half of the engine had to be replaced. After the third time they discovered that it was a computer problem but this time the warranty had expired.

The engine was replace but the dealer wanted me to pay for a new computer ($1200.00). After numerous conversations with the dealer it was agreed that I pay the deductible ($200.00). As of today the engine has not given me any problems, however I don't drive the car that much.

Any recalls? Just wondering!

- Kevin M., Queens, NY, US

problem #9

Apr 282015

300C 5.7L Hemi V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 116,000 miles

Needless to say, I, like other 2005 Chrysler 300 C owners am extremely disappointed that my beautiful "Cool Vanilla" car is worthless right now. My husband bought this car for for me as a retirement gift in 2004 (ordered but delivered in March 2005 ) He paid $48,000 for it and it has all the bells and whistles. This car not only received TLC with regular maintenance, oil changes etc but is kept in a garage so it is in excellent condition visually inside and out.

The first heartbreak we had with this vehicle was when we had the transmission rebuilt in 2012. Today, my husband was doing some errands and called to let me know that the car was overheating. He had the car towed to our mechanic who called us with the bad news that the engine was blown. We have received estimates of 7,000 to 8,000 to repair. We are debating putting this much money into the car but at the same time I hate to see it go. It is a hardship right now since we are both retired! Wish someone could help because it doesn't seem fair to lovingly take such good care of a vehicle only to have it die like this!! :-(

- Rosemary K., San Dimas, CA, US

problem #8

Oct 032014

300C Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles


I have bought my Chrysler New, the engine is a Hemi. Last week I changed the front brakes and rotors and put new tires on the vehicle only to have a few days after the engine fail. No lights came on indicating there was any problem. I take my car in on a regular basis for maintenance and make sure I use the best quality in everything.

It failed while stopped at a traffic light, the car just died. I knew it was not the battery since all lights were on, tried to start the car and no luck. I had to have helpers move me to a safe location as it was in the middle of the night and I was alone. Yes, a pain in the ass. When I went to start it made a horrible noise. Once at the mechanic he did a diagnostic test and other tests to find that the Hemi has a ring that dislocated and traveled to the pistons ruining the engine. I am not a mechanic so it is difficult for me to describe. My mechanic told me this was the 7th car he has seen with this problem and it seems to be the Chrysler 300 Hemi's.

The dealer won't take any responsibility now that the car is out of warranty as you have read by all the other complaints. All those who have had a similar problem I would like to collaborate together to find a solution to report this and possibly get it recalled or reimbursed for the repair costs. I am not happy since I do not have the money to fix or buy a new car and now stuck with NO vehicle.

Update from Oct 15, 2014: Last week while driving my Chrysler 300C just died. A serious safety issue, this happened late at night alone and no one to help me push my car off to the side of the road thus waiting in my car with the hazard lights on until someone was able to help me push my car in a safe location. Needless to say I was not happy. Seems to be a defect in the Hemi engine.

He found that the cylinder valve seat fell off the cylinder head, then fell down into the piston causing damage to the valves and piston thus the only repair possible is to replace the engine. First I can’t afford to put $8000 into a car that I consider a manufactures defect. Why would anyone put and pay for another engine to only have the problem happen again. In doing my research there are many cars 2005 2006 all who have experienced the same issue. As with the other car owners I called Chrysler they will not assume any responsibility since the car is no longer under warranty. I am filing this complaint in hopes that car owners will add their complaint enough complaints may get the manufacture to assume responsibility and recall the engine. I have also put a complaint into the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

You may be experiencing another issue Chrysler has had many complaints on.
I had also been experiencing problems with my 2005 Chrysler 300 C dying after filling up the gas tank. While driving as little as 100 yards the car died while driving. My mechanic could not find the problem, until I went on the internet to find information on my engine failure I came across many other owners having the same problem.

Following an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Chrysler will extend fuel-tank warranties on 153,817 V-8 cars from the 2006 model year. The extension applies 5.7- and 6.1-liter versions of the Chrysler 300 and its Dodge Charger sibling, plus the now-defunct Dodge Magnum wagon. Dodge, like Ram and Jeep, is one of Chrysler's brands. After receiving hundreds of reports that after refueling the V-8s in all three cars may stall at low speeds or when stopped, NHTSA opened the investigation. The agency found that when you put in higher-ethanol gas, a malfunctioning shut-off float in the cars' 19-gallon fuel tanks could swell into a stuck-open position and allow fuel to enter what's called a "purge line," NHTSA said via the Detroit News. That, in turn, could make the cars stall shortly after you refuel. You can restart the car after it stalls, and NHTSA said the problem never represented a serious safety threat. Chrysler addressed the conditions with a new fuel shut-off valve that's more resistant to changing shape, spokesman Eric Mayne told us. NHTSA deemed the solution adequate, the Detroit News said. The agency closed the investigation today, and Chrysler said it will extend fuel-tank warranties on the vehicles involved to a lifetime provision.

As to the engine failure Chrysler will not extend this warranty because of the cost to change engines but this issue is a very serious safety issue just as the fuel gas issue. Both have severe safety issues. My goal is to get enough Chrysler owners reporting such complaints so a class action suit can be filled and get Chrysler to recall the engine, Please file your complaint since Chrysler will not replace the engine. The car is now un drivable and lost its value worthless!! Please file your complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA.

Thank you unhappy Chrysler Owner 300 C

- Stephanie C., San Jose, CA, US

problem #7

Jun 152014

300C Hemi 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,000 miles


- , Chicago Height, IL, US

problem #6

Oct 282013

300C Hemi 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 95,000 miles

i bought my car May 17th. 2004. had the car for years keep up maintenance. my engine just blew up, head gaskets blown, white smoke and oil coming out of the exhaust. Chrysler won't help talking about the warranty my car only have 95,000 miles on it, so the car really hasn't been drove its a 2005 300 c hemi. i don't know what to do.

- James P., Cleveland, OH, US

problem #5

Sep 232013

300C 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 69,194 miles

As with other complaints I have read. Driving doing errands...the car was running fine, no noise, no warning lights, no warning bells. At my last stop my car wouldn't start. Sounded like it was choking out. I had it towed home where my husband (a mechanic) and his co worker hooked it up to the computer to try to get the error codes off the engine to see what to do to fix it and all of a sudden it sounded like someone dropped a bolt in the engine compartment and it seized.

It never gave any codes on the computer as it should have, and there were no warning lights or anything else to indicate a problem, just BAM wouldn't start.

Now fast forward 2 weeks later, I finally find a reasonable mechanic that is willing (I say willing because several mechanics I called said they wouldn’t touch it because it is all aluminum) to work on it and is very familiar with the problem....he tore apart the engine and confirmed what he thought it was, the Seats fell out, causing the pistons to bend, breaking the crankshaft and damaging the oil pump, oh and also scoring the cylinders.

Called Chrysler (since my 7 yr 70,000 mile warranty ran out 18 months ago) to see if they could do anything for me, after all I have read many stories of this same thing happening and they said "Sure, we will fix it for you. For $8000) I don’t see how this can be such a huge problem and they not do anything about it. It needs to be investigated and a recall needs to be done, some kind of retribution needs to be offered for those of us who have shelled out the initial $50,000 (well that’s what I paid for mine with all the bells and whistles) and now the repair cost.

My car has always been well maintained with oil changes every 3 mos or 3000 miles. I only drive it about 10 a day during the week and here and there on the weekends. I bought my car with 12 miles on it (I put 9 of them on while I test drove it) so I only put 69,191 miles over 8 1/2 years, that is only about 7700 a year. This should not have happened, specially with such low mileage. I love my car but very frustrated with this whole thing.

- karlatalley, Ontario, CA, US

problem #4

Jul 082012

300C C 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 76,751 miles


click to see larger images

engine failure engine failure engine failure engine failure engine failure

My 2005 300C had a engine was installed (Dec 2010). July 2012 that engine would not start, had the car towed by tri-A to garage cause I thought I was out of warranty with chrysler. They inspected the car and found a defect in the engine. The owner called chrysler warranty and discovered that the engine had a 3 year 36 thousand mile warranty but was told had to take it back to the dealership that installed it (Gary B**bera). I had the car towed back to the dealership that installed the engine. The service manger at Gary B$rbera inform me that a crack below the upper radiator hose, the radiator ran dry and cause it to overheat cylinder No.6 and damage the piston. I'm not a mechanic but that did not sound right to me as you see from the pictures no crack.

- Donald G., Philadelphia, PA, US

problem #3

Jul 202011

300C 5.7L V8 Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,000 miles

Engine quit running while driving in traffic. Very dangerous. Found out this is also a common occurrence. No heating light came on. Had since 2005. Wife only drives 3-6 miles to work every day. No concerns w/ Chrysler.. Seems to be common problem.


- Bobby H., Spring, TX, US

problem #2

Oct 082011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles

Same thing --- riding along no warnings - make a stop get back in and car wouldn't start.

Being told we need a new engine ---- Chrysler will not do anything for us. Car has been well maintained - thought we'd have problems with the Tranny as we've heard about those never thought the Hemi would blow with low mileage!

- suttonca, Norwood, CA, US

problem #1

Dec 052008

300C 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles

Driving doing errands...the car was running fine, no noise, no warning lights, no warning bells. At my last stop my car wouldn't start. Called AAA to tow me to Star Chrysler in Glendale sat for 2 hours to find out $9495.00 dollars later they stated they started the car for a brief moment and found the engine has a internal failure - seized. How can this be with no warnings and the car was running just fine? It has been maintained by this dealer and had oil/water. Could they have seized this engine when they started it? I want Chrysler to authorize the repairs of this car. It only has 65,000 miles and it is a reliable HEMI engine...at least they used to be. HELP

- wardancers, Glendale, CA, US

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