really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
82,050 miles
Total Complaints:
13 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (12 reports)
  2. replace fuel pump (1 reports)
2011 Dodge Charger fuel system problems

fuel system problem

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2011 Dodge Charger Owner Comments

problem #13

Aug 232018

Charger 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,102 miles


Wow. I've had my 2011 Charger for about 5 yrs now. Had no problems outside normal recall stuff, but experienced this same issue for about a month now and didn't know what it was until I read this board. I always thought the gas smell came from me accidentally spilling some on myself during the fill-up or something. I'd air it out, wipe down the leather and anything I touched, and kept going. Didn't see much of a gas leak. SAD to see that this is an ongoing issue. I filled up yesterday, and had an appointment at the dealer for another issue (replacing brake pads). Had the gas smell when I got to the dealer. They asked me if I noticed the smell and I said OF COURSE, but again I thought I was the cause. I had them check it out anyway, and they told me I needed to replace the right side fuel pump. Estimated $569.00 fix!!!! Wait.....WHAT?!?! I told them hold off for now, until I did some research. And came across this site. Now I'm more PO'd than anything because of finding out that this is a common issue, and SHOULD BE COVERED by Chrysler. What the #%$$ ??

- oyegates1rc, Boston, US

problem #12

Jul 222018

Charger RP 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 51,000 miles

I need to know who I can contact about a recall? Filled my tank last Saturday, Sunday morning smelled gas. Noticed it leaking under rear passenger door. Took to my mechanic today. He said gas tank is leaking on top right side, leaking to this place under car. Cost me 130 bucks for this. I read up here about this problem. If anyone dies because of this problem. This will be a major lawsuit. Dodge needs to fix this. Now!

- breezy123161, Anderson, US

problem #11

Apr 102016

Charger Rallye 3.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135,000 miles

Like all issues mentioned. there was a strong fuel smell every time you fill up the tank. Check Engine light came on and would go off after a few days. It started a few years ago but would go away for a few months. Everything seemed okay after 1/2 tank was used. But the past few months it just got worse. $962 later and it was fixed. I hope! That price does include the price of a oil change.

Recall time I say! I love this Charger but it is a money pit. Alternator issues - Under Warranty. Head light wiring harness fires, mine was not included but I had to have them replaced as the headlight harnesses became frayed and my headlights quit working. What's next?

- Roger H., Grand Prairie, TX, US

problem #10

Jul 072017

Charger Rallye Plus 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,000 miles


Well I have had this problem with my 2011 charger since 2014, I do not fill my car up with gas. If I do I get strong fumes in he cabin and once the car sits, gas starts to leak on the right side just in front of the rear tire. my work around is that I do not fill the gas tank. I only put only 8-9 gallons of gas in at a time. in the beginning I took my car the dealership. and each time they charged me 750 a piece to look at the problem but never fixed anything. Each told me they were going to have to change the gas tank and total cost was about $5K. I told them forget it and put it back together and never got it fixed. As long as I don't fill it up its ok but it sucks.

- Jonathan B., San Antonio, TX, US

problem #9

Aug 032016

Charger V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

My 2011 Dodge Charger began leaking gas where the back right tire is located, underneath, that is. The gas smell is horrendous. It leaves puddles of gasoline. It does this every time I fill up. The seal was replaced per our mechanic calling Dodge/Chrysler, but that has not taken care of the problem. It is dangerous to drive this way. One cannot not drive it because of the horrendous gas smell inside. I will have to replace the fuel pump and possibly the gas line, per our mechanic. Just waiting to get the car in. Chrysler should be held accountable for this. I have noted all of the other complaints regarding such problems with other Dodge Chargers.

- dodgecharger, Carbondale, IL, US

problem #8

Sep 072015

Charger V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,333 miles

We bought this car used with approx 45k miles was in great condition(we thought) beautiful car, perfect color combination, and was the perfect size, offered a comfortable ride with excellent gas mileage. THEN, I started smelling fuel every time I would put gas in it. A couple of days later, the check engine light appeared. To make a extremely long story short, I have taken this vehicle to the dealership approx 6 times so far in about a year and a half of ownership. And I STILL smell gas EVERYTIME I fill the car up with gas. They have replaced every part that is replaceable on the fuel system. Again, I still smell a strong gas smell (enough that if I had asthma, I would be extremely ill) I filled it up on Sunday (2 days ago) and yesterday when i went out at lunch noticed a HUGE pool of gas under the right back side in front of the rear tire.(AGAIN) Originally the amount leaking was about the size of a cantaloupe, now however, the size has been from 2-4 foot in length and width. I just got the car back after they replaced the Power engine control module (anther tragic event!) and told them I was still smelling gas and they commented that they "Observed" my car while there in the shop and couldn't duplicate the smell and didn't "SEE" anything wrong with the car. Ok, #1 I told them this happens when you fill the car, which they didn't do. #2 my car doesn't do "tricks" it didn't need to be stared down to see if it would have a little red flag saying "fix me I'm broke right HERE" #3 This is the 6th time it has been in their and they cant locate the problem. Meanwhile, if I were to be in an accident (God forbid) I am terrified that the car will bust into flames or explode!!! I have expressed my genuine concern and fear that this problem has not been resolved. I'm terrified to drive my car for fear that some innocent kid may rearend me or crash into the side of the car and send me spiraling in flames!!! They tell me that this "could" happen IF you overfill the car? Yeah, I dont. I am just as tired of calling them as they are from hearing from me. Finally today, I asked the service manager what I needed to do and what further steps should I take to get this resolved; and she gave me the phone number to chrystler, (like i have time to sit on hold for hours) So I decided to start here and procede with having my voice heard!! I love my car and want this problem fixed!!!! it is absoultely NOT NORMAL for cars to leak this bad even for overflow. Especially 2-3 days AFTER I have filled it up and driven it.

- Clarence Julie B., M, GA, US

problem #7

Aug 252016

Charger R/T 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 53,000 miles


I have noticed the last few times I have filled up that I had a very strong fuel odor around my car. Just this past weekend I noticed that there is gas leaking just in front of the right rear tire. Have not taken it in yet, will do so this week to find out what this is going to cost.

- bigjoeneb, Grand Island, NE, US

problem #6

Apr 082016

Charger SE 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

2011 Dodge Charger / 120000 miles: Leaking fuel on passenger side. After a routine fill up an extremely strong odor of gasoline was present inside of the car and outside of the car. Pool of gasoline present near rear tire when vehicle is parked.

Took it to a Dodge dealer and they state currently no recalls associated with fuel pump equipment and could not point me towards a culprit. Even at less than half a tank the smell is overbearing causing headaches making the car a literal pain to drive. There is a battery cable running in close proximity to the pool of gas and the gas drips below around hot exhaust.

I do not feel safe driving the vehicle this way due to the risk of fire or explosion and I have children that sit back there. It seems to be quite a few of identical complaints on here as well as other forums. Logging a complaint now in case a fire occurs that destroys the car, property or injury.

- keeboo29, Fairburn, GA, US

problem #5

Aug 172015

Charger 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 58,650 miles

Smell was immediate after fueling up at the gas station. EVAP Code showed up via CHECK ENGINE Light. Dealer suggested replacement of EVAP Fuel canister. Estimated Quote was $550. After thorough check inside the vehicle I found the Right Rear Fuel Pump housing cracked and leaking into the cabin. When certain level was reached fuel dripped out through backside on right rear wheel barely noticeable. Main concern is hot exhaust pipe running past that area and also battery wiring in immediate area. Sparks could cause fire and hot exhaust could ignite dripping fuel during travel. Very concerning. Dealer Price for exchange of this unit approx. $850.

- Andy A., Hilo, Pacific Islands (US)

problem #4

May 122015

Charger SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

6 months ago after filling up my vehicle I started to smell a strong gas odor. After first I just thought I had spill some gas so I didn't think must of it. Next time filled up same thing. This time I searched online and found that there have been other complaints for the same issue. A few days ago after filling up I noticed something dripping from underneath my car near the rear passager door. It was gas. There was a constant leakage of gas dripping from my car. This is a very serious problem and dangerous problem.

- William S., Flovilla, GA, US

problem #3

Jun 262015

Charger 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 96,000 miles


Gas leaking on the ground, can't fill up tank. Strong gas odor in the car, can't breath, very annoying.

- Topeka M., Baker, US

problem #2

Mar 142015

Charger LX Rallye 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 58,500 miles

Noticed a strong gas smell in and around the car recently, especially after filling up. Started investigating and after removing the seat and looking at the top of the fuel pump (rear right side) it was full of gas at the top. At first we got a new seal from Dodge parts and replaced it in the pump. At first everything seemed fine and nothing was leaking but once I filled up the car it started leaking again. So this seems to happen only when the tank is full.

Since the seal was already replaced and it is still leaking, I took it to the dealer and the service department is saying that it is most likely the gas tank, fuel pump or both but most likely the gas tank. They have seen this problem many times before so I am not the only one. I have heard that early Chargers, after 2011, may have had design flaws in the gas tank and that it has been redesigned. It can cost me up to $2000 to replace the gas tank and fuel pump, which is ridiculous, and they verified that it is not covered by the drive train warranty, which is still in effect.

- Steve R., Pearland, TX, US

problem #1

Oct 012014

Charger Ralle 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,001 miles

When car started exhibiting fuel smell, mechanic told me it was caused by the evap canister... @$300. Then when leaking, replaced emission solenoid @ $175.. Next fill up, still leaking...but only when over 3/4 full. Took to another dealership and told them what was done and the tank was leaking...Instead fixing, they did a diagnostic.. @$193.. Told me the tank was definitely leaking but unsure where. To repair the tank would be from $300 to a $1000...That they would have to drop the tank, see what part, order it,etc.. They would also need to keep my car a week to ten days.

So I am almost $700 for a gas tank leak and looking at up to another 1K,.,,, AMAZING

PS, Dodge says this is not covered by the limited or emissions warranty...

- texasmike, Lumberton, TX, US

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