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Affected Component: EQUIPMENT

RA2 RG2 RJ2 Radio Enhancements This bulletin involves updating the radio's software. The customer may notice one or more of the following: ? Potential for inoperative or blank radio display. ? Radio displays message ?Please insert update USB? ? AM/FM presets lost over an ignition cycle. ? Ipod Synchronization will be incomplete causing the voice recognition to be inoperative. ? Display shows multiple USB media song titles in the browse menu. ? System incorrectly comes up in Aux mode. ? Unable to change CD tracks with steering wheel controls. ? May be able to change AM/FM frequencies while changing SXM frequencies. ? Display screen dim. ? Paired phone list is deleted after ignition cycle. ? Not able to pair phone. ? Unable to delete paired device from list. ? Removed the ability to pair phones while the vehicle is in motion. ? Voice command not able to play new text messages. ? SXM presets are lost at times. ? SXM disappeared and failed to re-register. ? Intermittently the wrong selected media is played. ? Noises (pops and cracks) for AM/FM. ? Audio controls are locked out after using Voice Recognition (VR). ? IPOD will not resume playing after phone call. ? IPOD ?Repeat? function is not turned on. ? IPOD songs not accessible through VR without ?genre?. ? IPOD shuffle does not continue after ignition cycle. ? Not able to restore to default setting. ? Potential for battery draw on E-Call function. ? Steering wheel control seek up/down function not working. ? Steering wheel control press and hold skipping channels. ? Intermittently the wrong pop-ups or displays is shown. ? Intermittently the phone or media will freeze. ? Presets or clock setting are lost after software updates. ? Climate ON/OFF pop-up will not longer appear. ? Can?t change media source to Disc. ? Wrong EQ setting being used. ? Mute function not working correctly. ? No audio on phone calls. Improvements ? VR command, p

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Date Published
DEC 19, 2015
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