Notes: The Dodge Intrepid, Stratus & other Chrysler sedans are infamous for oil sludge problems with the 2.7L V6 engine. If someone offers to sell you a 2.7L V6 model, it's only worth the price of the scrap metal it's going to shortly turn into.

NOTE: Only the 2.7L V6 has the oil sludge problem. Our "Avoid like the Plague" designation is ONLY for models with the 2.7L V6 engine. All other available engines are very reliable with no major problems.

Even with regular maintenance, the oil sludge defect eventually destroys the 2.7L engine typically around 80,000-100,000 miles. The only true fix we know about is to put in the larger 3.2L engine, which has a great reputation.

This issue was never deemed a safety defect by the Feds, so there was no recall. In the end, Chrysler got away with FOUR YEARS worth of defective 2.7L V6 engines in their sedans.


really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
87,343 miles
Total Complaints:
141 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (52 reports)
  2. replace engine (52 reports)
  3. not worth repairing, buy a new car (14 reports)
  4. don't buy a Dodge Intrepid (11 reports)
  5. rebuilt part of engine (5 reports)
  6. class action law suit (2 reports)
1999 Dodge Intrepid engine problems

engine problem

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1999 Dodge Intrepid Owner Comments (Page 7 of 8)

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problem #21

Jun 162005

(reported on)

Intrepid ES 2.7L V6

  • 75,000 miles


Engine failed at 65 mph on highway. I lost control of the car and crashed. I was lucky my girlfriend and I both walked away scratch-free. We were lucky not to be cut out of the piece of sh*t and placed in body bags after the thing rolled over. Totaled the piece of sh*t.

I will never own another Dodge in my life, period.

- , Erie, PA, USA

problem #20

Aug 042005

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 100,000 miles

Bought the car in 2001 with 50,000 miles and bought and extended warranty. First thing that happened is the check engine light kept coming on. The dealer had this fixed once and said it is no big deal just let it stay on. Then the shifter would not shift in place. Dealer fixed that. Then the car would not go, thought it was the transmission but it was an electrical problem. We fought this over and over and had the car towed atleast 4 times within 2 years. We didn't have the money to purchase another car at the time. We had the motor flushed and after that it was down hill from there. The oil light came on constantly and when you put oil in the next day it would be gone. My father in put motor coat in the engine and it helped it tremendously. We were lucky to get as much use out of it that we did. I think that Dodge needs to recall the cars that have the 2.7 engine. Everyone knows they are crap - we will never buy another Chrylser/Dodge again. My husband bought his Dodge truck and we are selling it too. I will not support such a dishonest company.

- , Owensboro, KY, USA

problem #19

Aug 142005

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 55,000 miles

Car was well maintined. We bought it used and it ran very well initially. Previous owner had no complaints. We still owed about 4000 on the car when it blew up. Decided to have the engine replaced. The mechanic who replaced the engine told us to sell the car as soon as possible. He said the engine design was terrible and the car was likely to be screwed up again soon. Actually, he called the engine a piece of *%#@. Well, we hung onto that car just a little too long because the timing chain went next (that's another complaint) and now it's sitting in my driveway, dead as a doornail, and I still owe about 3000 on the rebuilt engine. You live and learn. Don't, even if your dear old aunt wants to give it to you, ever own one.

- , Richmond, MI, USA

problem #18

Sep 182005

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 90,000 miles


When I first seen the new dodge intrepid I wanted one. If I had known about this problem I might not have believed it. Anyways, who would make such a great looking car with a piece sh*t engine, go figure. My intrepid blew up 1 month ago and I owe 6000 for the thing right now luckily I am making payments to a friend for a loan he had givin. Right now I am looking into a long block the cheapest so far to fix is 3000 and that is for the used engine. I should have it going again in month or so but all my extra money is gone. I think if you want loyal coustomers maybe you should have recalled the engine, maybe you just figured in the long run it would be cheaper to screw us over. I would have been better off getting a yugo the thing only had 90k miles on it.

- , Sacramento, CA, US

problem #17

Sep 062004

(reported on)

Intrepid LX 2.7L V6

  • 99,000 miles


- , Emporia, VA, USA

problem #16

Sep 052004

(reported on)

Intrepid ES 2.7L V6

  • 48,000 miles

Engine seized up while my son was on his way to school. After inspection by Chrysler (we purchased the car for their used car dept.) they determined that the engine seized because of oil sludge. Since we purchase the car as a used car we could not prove that the oil was changed every 3000 miles before we got it. From the first day we got the car, my son and I changed the oil and filter before every 3000 miles. We don't have the money to pay for the repair and we still owe $8000 for the car which has been sitting in the garage since it broke down and we are still making payments. The dealer we purchased the car from will not help us resolve this problem and will not accept it as a trade in since the engine does not work.

- , West Chester, OH, USA

problem #15

Jan 132005

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 120,000 miles


I have a 1999 Dodge Intrepid - The engine needs to be replaced at a price of $4000. I understand that there might be a class action lawsuit against Chrysler and that many others have had this problem with their 2.7 liter engines. Can anyone give me information on a possible class action lawsuit that involves this problem? I would appreciate it.

- , Plainwell, MI, USA

problem #14

Jun 172005

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 68,000 miles

I have never been so frustrated in my life!!!!! My 1999 Dodge Intrepid suffered engine failure due to sludge in the engine. The oil was changed every 3000 miles. I have always taken good care of my autos and to have someone tell me I have abused my car is ridiculous. The only thing abused in this situation is ME, by Daimler-Chrysler.

I have owned other Intrepids and had no problem. As a matter of fact my daughter is still driving the 1995 Intrepid we have had for years. Fortunately it doesn't have the 2.7 piece of crap engine in it that the 99 had. I don't see how a company that wants to stay in business can expect to do nothing about this problem, after having so many complaints.

Guess I should be thankful no one was injured as a result of the engine failure, (and I am ) but it sure is hard to be thankful when you have to look at that pile of junk sitting in your driveway, knowing you either have to put another 5 or 6 thousand dollars into it, or buy another car and hope you don't ever have to go thru this again. I know one thing, MY NEXT CAR WON' T BE MADE BY DAIMLER-CHRYSLER.

- , New Vienna, OH, USA

problem #13

Mar 202005

(reported on)

Intrepid LE 2.7L V6

  • 86,000 miles

DO NOT BUY THE DODGE INTREPID 1999-2000 WITH THE 2.7L ENGINE, THEY ARE COMPLETE GARBAGE. The car is very nice and the ride is great but Chrysler made such a piece of crap engine and then when it blows they bend you over and dont even bother to give you a reach around

- , Parma, OH, USA

problem #12

Mar 112005

(reported on)

Intrepid LE 2.7L V6

  • 64,000 miles

Engine seized and my extended warranty will not cover due to sludge build up. ... I guess I could have cut and pasted from someone elses gripe seeing that we all have the same problems...

- , Minneapolis, MN, US

problem #11

Nov 052004

(reported on)

Intrepid ES 2.7L V6

  • 35,900 miles


I am sorry that we ever heard the name Intrepid and cannot believe that Chrysler contines to get away with a problem of this magniturde and the powers that be will not make them do a recall on this engine. No help from the corporation, no concern from the dealer, nothing. Simply stuck with a piece of junk or paying half of what the car cost to replace it, we only had this car for 8 months before it broke down. no warning nothing just stopped on the interstate with my 19 year old son driving.

- , Nashville, TN, USA

problem #10

Oct 272004

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 76,000 miles

i have a 99 intrepid, purchased used @ 57k. i noticed the heat problems, and had an intermittent oil light for a long time. 76k, my engine fails. my car suddenly develops what sounds like rod knock. oh, point to note: this happened after i had my car's fuel system flushed, or more precisely, about 3 weeks later, or 1k later. i did my oil change, and went back to do the flush 2 weeks later, and the guy told me i had lost a quart of oil, so i should stop in for top offs. anyhow, my car suddenly has check engine light, and stalls (thank god it was a local road). i stop in at a local convenience store, and buy 4 quarts, and pour in block. when i'm done, i look on the floor, and i see most of the oil i poured in. so i had it towed to the dealer.

fortunately, i purchased a warranty beyond regular coverage (two years, and i just BARELY made it). they tried to claim i did not do maintenance. got the detailed record from my local jiffy lube, and then the service rep implied i faked it, and that she didn't know what 'full service' meant. she also told me i had to pay 100 to have the car checked out, then later told me 100-300 more to remove the oil pan and head cover, 'if it's not covered'. she tried hard to make sure that it would NOT be covered, i noticed . . .

finally, after we had the jiffy lube manager fax the information to them (i was already thinking lawyer at this point, and was unwilling to bend over backwards to receive the service i PAID these people for), they said they would replace it, with my 100 deductible. and now they are offering me a 1 year warranty, for 500 bucks!

whatever you do, warn people about that dud engine. or, never buy a car that seems to be a great deal from a dealer. you usually end up screwed.

funny enough, this is the SECOND dodge i have had that developed some major engine trouble way early, and i got screwed by the company the first time around because i wasn't the original owner, in spite of the 'secret' warranty.

needless to say, i don't think i will be betting on a dodge ever again. now i see why they have those 'deals'. it's because YOU pay in the end.

- , Albany, NY, USA

problem #9

May 262004

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 34,000 miles

Had to get a new car. Still had one year payments left on my Intrepid. Wasn't about to pay $6K for a new engine.

- , Rock, NJ, USA

problem #8

May 062004

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 72,000 miles

I hate that dodge wont admit the problem & at least cover some of it. to have so many of this particular vehicle fail is ridiculous, and to blame the consumer, is even more so... I will never buy another dodge again

- , Roanoke, VA, USA

problem #7

Dec 142003

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 88,000 miles

My husband and I have called and emailed Chrysler to no avail. They say they have never heard of this problem. Gee, how can that be, when all of the people this has happened to have called them?

Not only have we had the expense of getting the car fixed, we still owe money on the car! And the only thing we can do is buy another engine which will probably do the same thing!

Besides the cost in money, loss of vehicle, aggravation, etc., it REALLY bugs me that Chrysler outright LIED!

- , Sikeston, MO, USA

problem #6

Sep 112003

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 46,000 miles

This is ridiculous. I bought my 1999 Dodge Intrepid 2 months ago and it needs a new engine. Now that I've done some research it turns out that this is a very common thing for these cars to have such engine failures at very low mileage. Chrysler wont cover under warranty, they give everyone the same line of BS about oil sludge and how we dont change our oil enough. Something needs done. If anybody has any suggestions/class action lawsuit information please let me know. Or if you happen to have a spare engine lying around for my lawn ornament that I now owe THOUSANDS of dollars on please let me know.

- , Hiawatha, IA, USA

problem #5

Jul 222003

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 62,080 miles

We bought a '99 Dodge Intrepid 11/22/99 as a program car w/about 30,000 miles on it. We bought extended warranty to cover 'surprises'. On Saturday, 7/19/03 the oil light came on. We took it immediately to the closest dealer and filled out the after hours paperwork. On Monday 7/21 they called & said the engine was 'shot' and the cause was sludge. They said it was caused by not having regular oil changes so it voided our warranty. Estimate $8,000 on a car whose blue book value is $5,000. Mileage on this car is now 62,080.

My husband called an engine repair place & they gave an estimate of $4,500. He said he did quite a lot of these Dodge/Chrysler products because their engines fail frequently. In fact the dealership we have our car at had just called and got the same $4,500 dollar estimate from him for a '99 Dodge Intrepid. Coincidental?! And they're quoting us $8,000.

Unfortunately since my husband changed the oil or we went to 'Jiffy Lube' type places so we have very few receipts to prove we changed the oil regularly. The sticker on the windshield indicates we had the oil changed about 1,000 miles ago.

I forgot to mention that we are LEASING this car so in 3 months we either have to turn it in in good working order or buy it for $8,549.51.

I intend to contact our local NBC affiliate that has a consumer help department, the Virginia Attorney General's office and anyone else I can get to listen to me. Do you have any suggestions for additional avenues I can pursue? If so please contact me ASAP. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

- , Richmond, VA, USA

problem #4

May 152003

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 54,000 miles

Oil light came on and engine began ticking. Dealer said that there was sludge in engine. i did everything I was suppose to. Oil Changes, 30000 mile check up. But Dodge will not cover the cost because I didnt have all the receipts . To fix $8000.00

- , Sugar Grove, Illinios, USA

problem #3

May 042003

(reported on)

Intrepid 2.7L V6

  • 71,000 miles

Let me start by saying the dealership was awful (Patalano Chrysler Plymouth Jeep of Franklin, MA). Thanks to Peter Patalano and his crew, we are proud owners of a lemon.

My wife and I bought this car used at 55K Miles. Thank goodness we paid $1500 for an extended warranty.

The second day of owning this car, we had to report a problem. Our gas gage was not reading correctly. The fix— removed aftermarket car alarm. We weren't aware that it had an alarm, but now it has none.

It was in a few more times for misc. ticking noises and such and we basically got the run-around, you know normal sounds of the engine, I'm an idiot, don't listen to your wife she doesn't know anything about cars, that kinda advise from the techs.

Well, finally my wife pointed out that the car was definitely not running correctly. I decided to make an appt. and told her I would take the car because it was acting up on her. I wanted to give her my reliable Chevy Tahoe for the day. Sure enough, on my way to work, the day before it was scheduled for service, my 1999 Dodge Intrepid started sputtering on the highway at 65MPH and the only way to keep it alive was to keep my foot on the accelerator. I moved into the breakdown lane and the thing died as soon as I let my foot off the accelerator. It would not start again. So I called my friendly AAA people and waited the hour on the side of the Mass Turnpike for the tow truck to drag my poor excuse of an American vehicle to the dealership I bought it from. They couldn't look at it today, but were obviously concerned about the Intrepid on the back of the flat bed in the middle of the parking lot for everyone to see. So, there it was dropped off, in the middle of the lot. I gave them the key and said I would call them the next day to see what's up.

Several calls the next day, no answer yet because no one had looked at it. Then at around 3pm I called and was told the engine seized and needed replacement.

I was told this repair would take place within 2 weeks. I was given a loaner, a cramped Ford Escort from Enterprise for 30 days. Yup, 30 days in a Ford Escort! Than, another 30 days in a dealership loaner. It took the dealership well over 2 months to replace my engine. A defective 2.7 liter V6 with another defective 2.7 liter V6. Nothing but the block was replaced. They reused as much as they could.

About 2 days later, my wife said the car was ticking again. I immediately took the car down to the dealership and demanded them to look at it. The oldest mechanic said it sounded like the lifters were sticking and he needed it for a day. They ended up replacing the lifters and rocker arms. Why weren't they changed when the engine was replaced?

The car was in for more misc. problems since this last visit as well. Supposably the dealership lost/fired the last service manager, and they wanted to introduce us to the new manager. My view is that the Patalano Chrysler Plymouth Jeep of Franklin, MA is a horrible dealership to bring your car for service, and their sales managers are very misleading. Just an overall bad dealing with them and this vehicle.

My fire for writing this, is the fact that my wife says she's hearing the ticking noise again and the oil light was flashing a few times when she applied the brakes. The car is at 82K miles now and is really just getting on our nerves. I checked the oil in the car this morning and there was none. Bone dry. How could this be? I just did the oil change about 2600 miles ago. It's simply burning it up along with the fuel.

As far as we're concerned, this car is a lemon and it belongs in the junkyard never to be resold again!

Thanks for reading my gripe!

- , Webster, MA, USA

problem #2

Feb 022003

(reported on)

Intrepid ES 2.7L V6

  • 47,710 miles

Upon researching my blown engine, it seems to be an increasing problem in the 1999 Intrepid's with the 2.7 litre. I purchased this vehicle with 38,618 miles on it, and within two days of owning, the oil light came on. Returned the vehicle to dealer, who had the car 34 days and supposedly replaced the oil pump. Now have 47,710 miles and a blown engine! First diagnosis was a particle of dirt getting stuck causing the oil light to flicker. Three days later engine blew. Chrysler needs to do recall and make right this problem.

- , Champlain, NY, USA

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