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Twenty five of the ODI failure reports are duplicative of Ford complaints.twenty ODI reports do not contain a VIN (and may or may not be duplicative of Ford reports).the 14 alleged crashes and 2 alleged injuries were all minor.submitted during preliminary evaluation (PE) 04-070, Ford's response to ODI's information request (ir) letter contained about 5,000 consumer reports (mors) and 8,700 field reports (cqis).Ford reviewed the complaints and categorized them.the manufacturer reports shown above represent a count of unique vehicles that Ford categorized as allegedly stalling due to a subject engine component ('a' category, see Ford's ir response letter for further detail); some of these vehicles received multiple reports.ODI has not yet confirmed Ford's categorization of these reports, nor has ODI confirmed Ford's categorization of the remaining reports (which Ford states do not pertain to the alleged defect).Ford submitted nearly 19,000 warranty claims, many of which involved claims for a technical service bulletin (tsb 04-13-08) and field service action (fsa 03B05) which Ford identified as potential remedies for stalling complaints.ODI has not confirmed that either of these are a remedy for engine stalling complaints.several other dealer communications related to engine stall were also submitted as well as over 50 product modifications, 15 of which involve revisions to the software for the electronic engine control unit.further investigation is required and ODI is upgrading PE04-070 to an engineering analysis (ea).during the ea, ODI will establish and update manufacturer failure report counts, further investigate the frequency and trend of stalling complaints, and determine the scope and safety implication of stalling events.ODI will also investigate Ford's remedies, their effectiveness, and whether further action is required.
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Date Opened
OCT 07, 2004
Date Closed
FEB 15, 2005
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No recall issued
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