really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
112,350 miles
Total Complaints:
8 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (3 reports)
  2. recall pcm (3 reports)
  3. replaced PCM (2 reports)
2005 Ford Freestar electrical problems

electrical problem

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2005 Ford Freestar Owner Comments

problem #8

Nov 162016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 109,327 miles


Paying different Mechanic to fine the problem that exceeded my income being on a fix income makes it a double headache. Reading up on the same problem that other people had with the Ford Freestar, the pcm system definitely needs to be recall. I read fixing the pcm system works until it rain and the cost is in the 1,0000. I need my car and I finance this car. I need to know how I can get help or what to do. I am carless and running out of money!! Help Help Help!! In my 64 years never had a car that was sold to me that can't be fix.

- Charlette J., Wilson, NC, US

problem #7

Jun 182015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 133,424 miles

Drove in bad rainstorm and hit some deep puddles, but van drove fine until the next day. More rain, but no puddles-radio went out for a few seconds twice but came back on. The next day, brake/ABS lights lit up and went out a few times. More rain, and lights would intermittently go on and off several times. Then the next morning, day 4, the battery/alternator light lit up and stayed on. When restarted van an hour later no lights were on. Took to a Ford mechanic and had battery and alternator tested and they were fine. Was told that this is a common problem with water getting into PCM-would cost $1600 to repair. Don't have that kind of $ !!!! If it is a common problem and Ford knows about it, why isn't there a recall??? Was told by Ford dealer that i could just try to let it dry out on my own since it is running ok. That is what I did-still have intermittent lights randomly coming on and radio going out, especially when it rains. (it has been raining a lot!)

Update from Jul 30, 2015: Update- June24th more rain,no puddles,just wet road, now radio goes out frequently. Usually when the radio goes out the brake/ABS lights come on and after 20-30 seconds they will go out and the radio will come back on and this happens over and over. Sometimes other dash lights come on and go off. It always starts with the radio going off. Took it back to dealer on June 29th to make sure there wasn't a short in radio or a fuse. After $125 just to look at it, they still think it is a wet PCM and want to charge $1800. I said l just had it here a week or so ago and was told the PCM repair would be $1600, not $1800! Does Ford make up prices??? He came back and apologized and said repair would be $1600. WTF??!! Once again, I took it home to dry out since I don't have the $. Seems almost normal now(July 5th)

Update from Jul 30, 2015: July 28th-Van only has the radio go out occasionally, with brake/ABS light, or ALL interior lights going out for 10-20 seconds. Still drives fine except when air conditioning goes out and come back on, then there is a slight deceleration during this time. But then i went to a spray yourself car wash and now all dash lights, radio and air conditioning are going crazy!!! It is impossible to keep the van from getting wet, especially in NE Ohio!!!

This is a KNOWN PROBLEM-WHY IS THERE NO RECALL????!!!! It seems like FORD can figure out a simple RECALL fix to PROTECT the PCM!!!! Some sealant or more protective foam under windshield area-SOMETHING that is going to protect Ford minivan owners from shelling out money that they don't have to replace the PCM when it should be PROTECTED BETTER.

PLEASE ISSUE A RECALL before someone gets hurt or killed as their van stalls out, or lose control because all the dashboard lights go out at night and scare the driver!

- Theresa S., Barberton, OH - Ohio, US

problem #6

Sep 252014

Freestar SEL 4.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 153,882 miles

I just purchased this mini van from a a friend of mine back in February of this year and thought he had sold me a really good van. Now I hadn't been driving it a lot till the past 3 months. Well it had started raining a lot come September. The first time I had a problem with it was when I was going along on the highway and it just started cutting out, all my electrical panels went bezerk, engine light came on and it completely died on me, had to have it towed at the garage. They told me it was the camshaft positioning sensor so I had it replaced.

Then a week later it's raining and I get the same issue again. so I have it towed to the garage. I'm telling them I just paid to have it fixed, what's wrong now? You need to fix it and I'm not paying. Turns out, they tell me it's the PCM and needs to be replaced. So I do that, now lasted about a month and it happened again.

What the hell is up with Ford? I have been doing some research just to find out this is an ongoing problem and Ford has not addressed it. Why not, this could seriously hurt someone, even kill. I am just happy I did not have my children with me either time it happened. Ford needs to address this issue.

- Jose B., Skowhegan, ME, US

problem #5

May 172014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 133,000 miles


I have owned many Ford products over the years and have been pleased. This issue (water leaks onto the computer) is one that has been a know one for some time and nothing has been done which makes me made. The repair and inconvenience of being with out a vehicle is a real hassle with 4 kids.

- John S., Ridgeway, VA, US

problem #4

Jul 272014

Freestar SE 4.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 51,574 miles

bought used from a ford dealership and this Freestar van had been problem free, but today when I went to start it up, it kept not starting/stalling. 12 hours later: I got it the engine to run very poorly to 2000-3500rpm. The engine just kept dropping out in a rhythmic pattern like I was pumping the gas pedal.. I was getting a codeP0340 (camshaft position sensor malfunction...by lucky coincidence I had just read about the Freestar having problems with water getting in the pcm the week before.. I realized that the night before it as parked on my driveway on a slight incline during a major rainstorm the previous night...sure enough there is signs that water has been leaking onto the pcm connector etc.. this is a serious issue that could kill or injure people if these failures were to happen while driving.. I can't believe that ford doesn't issue a recall immediately..

- operaguyalberta, Edmonton, Alberta, canada

problem #3

Feb 282013

Freestar 4.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 68,000 miles

Purchase the Freestar in Feb 2013. Drove it on a trip of 1000 mi without a problem. At the end of March the van could not go over 39 mph. If you tried i would start to stall out. The engine code said it was the cam timing sensor.

Replaced same. Seemed to fix problem. The next problem was the van would not keep running. Go about 3 blocks and it would just die. Tried to get it back home and it wouldn't go in reverse. I had a mech. check it out at our home and it also kept stalling out on him. Had the van towed to his shop and the next day it ran fine. He suggested that I take it to ford when I had another problem. The problem happened again and ford said the pcm was bad because water had gotten under the hood and got water in the PCM and Transmission. They replace the pcm and flushed the trany and replaced a water shield under the hood at a cost of $1200. Drove it for a month or two and this week we had a big rain. The next day the van would not go into reverse and the rpms were all over the place. The next day I started the van and it went into reverse one time and would not the next time I tried it. The next day the trany was fine but it would not go over 39 mph. The next day which is today the van drove with no problems. When the van was in the ford dealership. I found out the trany and PCM were replace the month before I purchased it. I can believe ford does not know about these problems. I hate to say it but the car it not worth the money we paid for it and the repairs it seems to need. GOOD JUNK PROSPECTS.

Update from Jan 16, 2014: the problem wound up being a water leak in a water deflector. When it rained water leaked on to the computer that cause all kinds of problems. It took them two tries but it has run without problem for approx 3 months.

- pkumpel, Morehead City, NC, US

problem #2

Aug 012012

Freestar ES 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 165,000 miles

my car started having problem with the ac at first not blowing then my lights on the inside started to fade and dim at time. after about a week of this problem all of my dash lights no longer worked my speedometer or my odometer worked after a couple weeks of taking in to figure out the problem no resolution was reached. after that time several of the warning lights came on. i recently received a recall for the torque converter once i took it into ford the notice that all the electrical had been fried and the pcm computer needed to be replaced. they told me this pcm part is $1900 after doing research i have noticed that over 1500 have reported the same complaint however ford refuses to do an investigation or recall the pcm. this is seriously dangerous my call dies while driving and i have 3 small children in my car ford need to recall this part and make the car run corectly

- Erika M., Clovis, CS, US

problem #1

Feb 032011

Freestar 4.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,300 miles

I had this vehicle in for service under and extended WTY at the ford dealer Oct 2010 and was bucking and not stay running. They replaced syncronizer and worked fine till Dec 2010. I was getting check enger missfire cyl 2 and they replaced the coilpack which is in the rear of engine compartment ontop which is not accessable without removing something. Now in Feb 2011 the van was doind the same as what happened in Oct 2010 and now out of wty by 3 weeks so had it towed to dealer and was told water on the PCM. I looked into this and found there was a TSB for drivablity that was never done on this even back in Oct which at that point the PCM would have been covered in full and they insist they never seen any issue with this but was never checked or the TSB done Per ford Corp. The serviceing Dleaship Best Ford in Nashua are forcing me to pay for this without even looking into how the prior serviceing failed to catch the TSB and seal the PCM properly,

- Wayne J., Nashua, NH, US

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