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pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
500 miles
Total Complaints:
18 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (15 reports)
  2. balance driveshaft (1 reports)
  3. replace rear bearings (1 reports)
  4. replaced complete rear end assembly (1 reports)
2016 Ford Mustang drivetrain problems

drivetrain problem

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2016 Ford Mustang Owner Comments

problem #18

Aug 102016

Mustang Convertible V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,200 miles


Bought a 2016 Mustang v6 automatic convertible. Ever since new, the car has had a high speed vibration between 65/75mph. The dealer has balanced the driveshaft, replaced the differential, replaced all four tires and road forced balanced them. None of this has made any real improvement.

The last time a Ford engineer drove the car with some type of instrument to measure vibration, said it was normal. Well if it is normal how come they tried to fix it and Ford issued a TSB (ssm 45938). The engineer blamed it on road ripple and a loose rear view mirror and top flutter. Well the mirror was not loose and the road is not rippled and this is my 6th convertible I know the difference between top flutter and the rest of the car vibrating. Plus I am a retired auto tech with 30 years experience, just sayin.

The dealership gave me four loaner cars to use while they tried to fix mine. All Ford products driven on the same road at the same speed no vibration. My work vehicle a Ram pickup driven same roads same speeds no vibration and my other personal vehicle a Kia Optimal again used on same roads at same speeds no vibration. Only the Mustang has this issue.

Ford has been building cars for over a century and don't know how to fix this. My feeling is they know what is wrong and will not take responsibility. Car is going back to the dealer next week and may replace the driveshaft or have this one balanced at a machine shop. I will hope for the best, but from what I have read it doesn't sound promising. I will say that the dealership has been more than accommodating in trying to resolve this issue and have nothing bad to say about them or their staff. All have been very professional.

If anyone has had any success in fixing this please let me know.

Update from Jun 4, 2018: After checking road force balance they found one of the tires that were replaced was bad. Tire was replaced road forced balanced. The vibration has finally gone away and has been gone for about six weeks now.

- mt49, Lakewood Ranch, US

problem #17

Jun 102016

Mustang Premium Ecoboost

  • Automatic transmission
  • 650 miles

Got a new Ford Mustang Ecoboost. Took it on the highway and was surprised to see the car start to Virate at around 70 MPH. The vehicle is very smooth till that point and then the vibration starts which is really annoying.

Took it to the Ford Dealer on 06/17. The Service Advisor took a test drive and confirmed the vibrations. Since it was a Sat AN the car is going back to the dealership next week where he said that balancing the wheels would be a first step.

- bigops, Bentonville, AR, US

problem #16

Feb 012016

Mustang V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 900 miles

Bought a brand new 2016 Mustang V6 Auto on Nov 15, 2015 and did not drive much at first as it was winter here. It never sat very long, but Drove the car in the Interstate for the 1st time in April and really felt the vibration above 60 MPH. It's very irritating. I took it back to the Dealer in April 16 and they re-balanced the tires and gave it back to me still vibrating.

Made another appointment and was told the car had a bad tire and it was replaced and the car had all 4 tires force balanced. Picked up the car up and guess what... Still Vibrating.

Made another appointment in August 16. The Tech swapped wheels with another identical Mustang, No change. Then they tried to re-balance the drive shaft and was unable to make any improvement. Driveshaft was replaced and no improvement. The Tech noticed the more people in the car made it much worse. This is true as I feel a difference if I am alone the vibration is less and with a couple of passengers it increases quite a bit. Tech replaced front knuckle with hub, left and right knuckles and then replaced both cv shafts all while test driving after each part and no improvement. They then replaced the differential and claimed there was a considerable improvement. NOPE NO IMPROVEMENT. Drove it about 75 miles on the Interstate and the vibration is worse. I went back to the dealer today and spoke with the service manager who is going to dive in again. He is starting to wonder if its in the transmission, but I see this problem is in the V8 auto and manual trans also.

I have bought new 3 GM's (Chev, Pontiac and a GMC), a Jeep wrangler, a Honda and 2 Harley-Davidsons and have never had any problems like this. I love my Mustang in every other way, but if this is what I can expect from Ford products, I AM GOING BACK TO GM. I am mad and extremely pissed. I spent $30,000 on a car I can't drive.

FORD MOTOR COMPANY If you see this, just buy back this car if you can't fix it. Do the right thing for your customers. I am going to see if I can put the Lemon Law into effect after this next appointment if it is not fixed. Maybe we need a class action lawsuit.

I see others are having this problem but no solutions were mentioned. Did any of you have this problem and got it fixed?? If so, what was it?

- william_haltom, Colorado Springs, CO, US

problem #15

Apr 102016

Mustang GT 5.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100 miles


Bad vibration starting around 55 up to about 75. Into dealer twice. First time two weeks. Second time two MONTHS! Missed the convertible season completely(the reason I bought it!)

Two complete rears, two drive shafts (both balanced at machine shop), new half shafts, changed tires with another car on lot. Finally engineers from Ford indexed drive shaft and used old time process of putting hose type clamps in different positions around the drive shaft until (they say) it was 99% better, then had machine shop weld weights in spots occupied by clamps. Gave car back saying it is fixed but it still is very bad.

Seen many other complaints of same issue on-line and it seems all are automatics!

Currently in attorney's hands filing a lemon law suit. It is a shame as I love this car other than this issue. Not to mention it stickered at over $49,000! HELP!!! Did I mention that in last 18 months I have bought 4 BRAND NEW FORDS from same dealer (KOONS).and feel abandoned.

- Mike D., West Grove, PA, US

problem #14

Sep 302016

Mustang 3.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 500 miles

Significant driveline vibration that is very noticeable about 60 MPH. So much so, that the headliner in the back seat area vibrates at 75 MPH (it's Texas, so 75 MPH speed zones are common). Dealer looked at in the beginning, said they rebalanced tires and no difference. I decided to wait on further dealer time and have tires rotated/balanced at trusted independent repair place when doing first oil change (which was this week). Found the tires to be out of balance, but the vibration still continues on. It's annoying, but not as bad as some have experienced. It's weird that my 2015 (same exact set up) did not have this problem at all over the 55K that I owned it.

Since it is obvious the problem is real and wide spread by all of the complaints here, I am not going to have the dealer touch it anymore and live with it (partly because they don't care about the care of the car as much as I do and I also have done some nice mods that make the car more fun to drive and special to me than a stock one which people can go and rent). I'll hope that Ford "Ponies" up to fix this problem soon.

- pnycar, Euless, TX, US

problem #13

Jun 272016

Mustang Ecoboost Premium 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12 miles

Bought the car new from Greenway Ford. Test drove and liked the car but was only able to go 40 mph on test drive. After taking the car home, a few days later we went the toll road and heard/ felt the vibration that rattles the door panels and dash. Called dealer and the service manager explained that all new mustangs have this issue. He scheduled the car for a road force balance to try and make the issue not as bad as he explained that it would not fix it completely. After 2 road force balances and visits, it still vibrates between 50 and 85 ( 50 to 62 being the worse). Now the head liner vibrates and chrome dash rings. My wife has actually stuffed paper shims in the dash! What a disappointment. Car is really nice and we love it. However, we cannot take anyone else in it due to the embarrassing and aggravating vibration. Please help as we have only made 4 payments. By the time it is paid of it will be a rattling POS from 5 years of vibrating!

Update from Feb 14, 2017: Now it is February and still have same issue. They just replaced the driveshaft, not fixed. Now they are road force balancing the tires tomorrow AGAIN and I do not have any hope. Anyone have any luck? They do not know what is wrong with it. They said that a FORD ENGINEER was coming down in November to look at the car but that never happened.

- tdemetry, Orlando, FL, US

problem #12

Oct 212016

Mustang V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75 miles


Just dropped my new 2016 Mustang (75 miles) to the dealership to have vibration checked,, so now we will see! Starts slight vibration over 50 mph, bad in steering wheel at 60,, can fell in seats and thru body at 70 ish!

Update from Nov 21, 2016: Dealer balanced factory drive shaft and vibration gone,, very happy!

Update from Nov 22, 2016: BALANCE DRIVESHAFT

- 92lx, Ohatchee, AL, US

problem #11

Aug 082016

Mustang GT 5.0L

  • Manual transmission
  • 808 miles

I like the car in every way but with that driveline vibration between 80 kmh and 120 kmh, I'm scared that it will get worse. Maybe it's the angle of the driveshaft that is not right.

- pascal, Montréal, QC, Canada

problem #10

Sep 012016

Mustang Ecoboost

  • Automatic transmission
  • 500 miles

Purchased the car new and drove it home and didn't feel the vibration when going over 70 on the interstate and on choppy roads. When the tank is low and the road is smooth, definitely noticeable, and seems to be getting worse, or I just notice it more. Hope I can get it fixed in one visit versus others that have taken multiple visits, and some never got fixed. I'll love the car once this issue is fixed.

- John W., Saint Michael, MN, US

problem #9

Jun 132016

Mustang GT 5.0L

  • Manual transmission
  • 250 miles

new car less than 500 miles and the rear shimmies going over 50 mph

- robertsonva, Aylett, VA, US

problem #8

May 132016

Mustang GT 5.0L V8

  • Manual transmission
  • 300 miles


The vibration is barely noticeable but the drone sound is annoying. I happens between 55 and 65 mph even with the clutch in and coasting. Getting the rear end bearings replaced and hopefully that solves the problem.

- stymie, Waterloo, NY, US

problem #7

Feb 132016

Mustang V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 36 miles

My 2016 Mustang V-6 produces a severe vibration that is felt throughout the car while driving at almost all speeds. The dealer has replaced the drive shaft twice and indexed the second one after they installed it. These actions did not fixed the vibrations. The four tires were rotated and road forced balanced which resulted in no change. I have been in contact with Ford Customer Service and they told me that "the vibration on your vehicle is normal" and "no repair is needed". I wonder then why did they try to fix the vibration twice if it is normal. The rear axle seals are now starting to leak possibly due to or related to the vibration.

The Dealer, while trying to initially diagnose the vibration cause, test drove 4 new Mustangs off the "Front Line" and found 3 of them to have the same defect, one he said was smooth. It appears that these cars have a major defect which is causing a severe driving vibration. I hope someone will investigate this defect and find grounds for starting a class action lawsuit. I purchased this car new about 10 weeks ago and owning it has caused me a lot of grief and anxiety. The statements by Customer Service convince me that Ford Motors knows these cars have a defect but I don't understand why they wont fix it.

- jondfl, West Palm Beach, FL, US

problem #6

Mar 012016

Mustang GT 5.0L

  • Manual transmission
  • 61 miles

After purchase I noticed a vibration at highway speeds, I thought it was tires at first but it would diminish if I pushed in the clutch or put in neutral and did not change with the road. I returned it to the dealer at 200 miles, first tech thought that is just the way the car is and it was road/tire noise, a second tech confirmed the vibration and identified that the driveshaft had too much run out.

The driveshaft was replaced and vibration was reduced, but it is still there, starts at 65 and goes away above 80 mph.(can be felt most in the handbrake lever) Seems much worse in colder weather, below 45 degrees. Does not change with engine speed, gear or if you put it in neutral. Very annoying since I run a long commute at highway speeds. The felt vibration is accompanied by a "droning" sound that is worse than the vibration. I try to avoid the 65-80 speed range but that is very difficult on a highway commute.

I plan to have it looked at again when it goes in for the first oil change, but not hopeful due to initial push back when the vibration was much worse. Dealer does not have any NVH testing equipment so everything is subjective.

I am happy with the car otherwise but this one issue destroys the driving experience and I would not have chosen this car if I knew about this. Hopefully a fix can be identified.

- 698916, Killingworth, CT, US

problem #5

Mar 172016

Mustang GT 5.0L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 700 miles

Brought my 2016 GT back in on Friday 3/25, vibration was still occurring (DS replaced on 3/17) specifically at 50mph, but continuing through 60mph, but decreasing through 70mph where it seemed to dissipate completely. The diagnosis was a bad "trans output flange." Brought back in on 3/29 - replaced trans output flange, seal and retaining nut. This did fix the "clank" that I was having when shifting from P to R, but vibration still persists in the 50-60mph range.

Called the dealership today - they are stumped. They said they were going to do additional research and get back to me. They seem to be open to looking at all potential resources for an answer.

- lsumba97, Scottsdale, AZ, US

problem #4

Feb 052016

Mustang Ecoboost Premium 2.3L Turbo Charged

  • Automatic transmission
  • 609 miles

Car bought on Jan 05, 2016. Bought and installed winter tires and rims (Michelin XIce 3 and original Ford Alloy rims) from a Ford dealership on Feb 05, 2016. Tested the car after winter tire installation and found it vibrating starting at 80Km speed on highway. Went back to the dealership and the technician road force balanced the tires but vibration remained as is.

The technician consulted the service manager and they decided to reinstall my all seasons tires to see if the vibration will go. The result was the same and the manager confirmed the vibration. He consulted with Ford over the phone and decided to change the driveshaft which was done the next day with no avail.

When I spoke with the service adviser on Feb 09, 2016 she stated that the service manager did order more parts from Ford (I think a new differential) to try to fix the problem. The service manager decided to keep the car for more troubleshooting and not return it to me until the parts are in and a rental car was provided until the problem is fixed. I read the other complaints on regarding the same issue and it seems that the only way to resolve the issue is to replace the car.

I will call the dealership today and will post an update after.

Update from Jul 9, 2016: Dealership replaced the transmission and vibration is 90% gone. Still feeling it at the same speed but service manager is insisting that the vibration is due to the roads conditions. I'm waiting for a TSB since the dealership does not want to work on the car anymore.

- mm1957, Pickering, ON, Canada

problem #3

Jan 152016

Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,900 miles

I emplore anyone with a driveline vibration to read through the thread to see what actions are being taken by Owners and Ford Service Centers.

Here's my update as of 02/26:

My car has been at the Ford Service Center since 02/16 - it's still there as of this post.

So just some cliffs notes as to what has been done:

01/15 - this was my initial visit for the driveline vibration - of which I specifically told the Dealer to check the drivetrain for the vibration as the vibe was consistent with load on driveshaft while driving. Their diagnosis: wheel and tire balance (was told front wheels only). This did not fix issue, concern still present after waiting and leaving dealership.

** Due to NJ weather conditions of the time my appointments after 01/16 had to be rescheduled a couple of times and next avail was 01/27.

01/27 - factory driveshaft was reindexed and run out was checked. Concern still present after waiting and leaving dealership.

02/02 - vehicle dropped off again - 3rd visit. Car stayed at Dealer for 1 week - the original driveshaft was removed from the vehicle and sent out to an independent shop that supposedly rebalanced that driveshaft because it was determined that it was "out of balance" by the Ford Service Center.

02/08 - I picked up the vehicle after its week stay at the Ford Service Center - driveline vibration still present even after being assured that since the driveshaft was rebalanced by an independent shop - there was no vibration at 55-65mph. Vibration still present at that speed range (and beyond).

02/16 - vehicle dropped off at Ford Service Center again (4th visit). Now going to use specialized equipment for vibration analysis.

02/19 - informed that they replaced the front transmission flange, replaced the rear pinion flange and road force balanced all wheels. They test drove the car, told me the vibration was still present and they were not happy with the outcome. They asked if they could keep the car longer, which I obliged.

02/22 - I was informed they ordered a new factory driveshaft on 02/19 for expedited "emergency order". They will let me know once it arrives and outcome of the installation of the new factory driveshaft.

02/23 - New factory driveshaft installed - vibration still present. Service Center contacting Ford Engineering to request further direction.

02/24 - Service Center tells me the Ford Engineer will be visiting Service Center on 02/25.

02/25 - I'm being told by the Ford Service Center that the Ford Engineer did not show due to he can't make it because he has other Dealerships to tend to - but gave further diagnosis and methods of isolating possible driveline parts over the phone.... Yep, you read that right. So the Ford Engineer who knew in advance he had an appointment and said he was going to the Dealership on 02/25 is a no show.

02/26 - Spoke to my Ford Service Writer - he's advising they are awaiting additional direction from another Engineering Team within Ford (at the Flat Rock plant where my car was built). Car will stay at Service Center.

02/26 - I have called and left a message with my Ford Case Worker - whom again I have not heard from after sending a couple of emails to her during this week and I've not received any responses. I'm being REAL nice by not calling her out on this forum - but seriously, I'm the Customer, why is it MY responsibility to update my Ford Case Worker when I was told initially that she should be providing me with updates?

So even after a new front trans flange, a new rear pinion flange, another new driveshaft and hours of diagnosis the vibe is still there.

Anyone else care to diagnose my car? Hell, if the Ford Engineer can diagnose it over the phone, might as well have the same "virtual" diagnosis here...

F'n disgusted.

Some facts for those in this thread:

1) Consumer Reports documented the issue in their October 2015 article and specifically stated the "drive shaft" as being one of the issues with the new redesign (2015) Mustangs.

2) A documentary called "A Faster Horse", about the whole design of the new S550 Mustang has a part in the video where it was also stated about a driveline vibration.

3) There are folks who have lemon law'd their Mustangs, who are currently dealing with Ford Arbitrators, who have Ford Case Workers working as a go between the owner and Dealer and others who have had their vehicles bought back due to the issue.

4) There are numerous instances of folks having various driveline parts replaced due to the issue - however there's no Ford TSB and for unknown reasons the numerous complaints are not being logged in any Ford Systems, nothing is in OASIS and Ford acts as "they know nothing about it". The Ford Service Centers need to contact the 'Ford Hotline' because they too are in the dark and can't get proper direction from Ford.

- cobra_jet_nj, Medford, NJ, US

problem #2

Nov 292015

Mustang GT 5.0L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20 miles

I purchased a 2016 Mustang GT November 29 2016. I drove it home and noticed a little vibration. They said it was flat spots in the tires ... that wasn't it and it had a cracked tail light. At 200 miles took it in for the tail light and vibration .. service manager test drove with me and felt it said he would look...pick up car he said bring it back... 500 miles brought car back they put new wheels and tires on and said it was better, not at all..

They said drive it till the Ford tech is in the area an bring it back 1800 miles Ford tech didn't test car with me like he was supposed too. He put 20 miles on a serious vibration problem with the mechanic they called me and told me it was normal ....IN their computer it says car might have driveshaft problem...Took car for a FOURTH TIME and payed another Ford dealer to look at it. He felt the problem right away. They lifted the rear control arms up at right height when on the lift and he said it was even worse ..Thank GOD I said. They called FORD and shut me down it's normal!!!!!!! VIBRATION STARTS AT 50 ALL THE WAY UP if you dare to do 90 mph the mirrors shake like crazy. I have a 8 year old son and I don't feel safe with him in the car!!

- dickersond, forkedriver, US

problem #1

Sep 152015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 1 miles

Purchased new 2016 mustang V6 3.7 automatic. Noticed vibration at 55+.Took to dealership and they replaced driveshaft. car still has vibration. Returned to dealership and they did a vibration test and concluded vibration was within tolerance.I drive 50 miles a day 5 days a week.The vibration is horrible. I requested for owner of dealership to drive my car and see if he would tolerate this vibration if it was his car. No response! I feel like it is in the tires. Have goodyear eagle F1 tires. I love everything about this car except the vibration. This is not one of Fords better ideas. I asked service advisor if they had considered trying a different set of wheels and tires and did not think that was the problem. I hate to think I would have to get a lawyer to help resolve this matter, but it may come to that. Its hard to believe you pay 30 grand for a car and have to put up with vibration. I have not had my first oil change as rpainterfl in Venice Fl said about his Mustang. Come on Ford fix this problem!!!!!!

Update from Apr 30, 2016: to james h who responded to my complaint,make sure you test drive and check for vibrations at 45 mph and 55 has a problem with new mustangs and insist it is characteristic of the car.that is bs and they know it.Ihave had my driveshaft replaced and still have vibration. I think the problem is the new two piece driveshaft.The ford dealer I have taken the car back to 5 times performed a vibration test and said it was within tolerance.Ihave been trying since sept 22 2015 to get this resolved and have yet to have any luck.Took car to another dealership and got the same story,characteristic of the car. I have contacted the BBBAuto line and have sent 6 copies of service records attempting to get my car fixed.hoping to get somewhere with that, but who knows. Thanks to John M for your info. Sounds like we are going thru the same thing. this is an awesome car and I like everything about it but the vibration. I have heard that there is a TSB out about this problem and the fix is going back to a one piece driveshaft.Will let you guys know what the outcome is when I find out.

Update from May 26, 2016: Had a Ford factory service engineer drive my car yesterday. He told dealership that it was characteristic of the vehicle.Its funny that they did not tell me that when I bought the car. this was my seventh attempt to have this fixed. The Lemon Law in the state of Va. is four attempts. I guess its time to call in the Lawyers. Car still vibrates.If this is characteristic of the vehicle, why did the dealership put in a new driveshaft the third week I had the car.Now I notice paint wearing off bumper where trunk lid closes. This is not acceptable and Ford knows it,they just wont fix the problem. My next car may very well be a new Camaro.

Update from Sep 4, 2016: Finally after 11 and a half months, the vibration in my 2016 mustang is gone.

For months Ford motor co said is was charicteristic of the car. Only after going thru the

BBB auto line and going thu an arbitration hearing,having arbitrator drive my car, the arbitrator gave ford 30 days to fix my car. The engineer that drove my car 4 months ago and said it was charicteristic of the car,4 weeks ago decides they need to change the complete rear end assembly. Vibration is now gone. They also had to paint my rear bumper be haze vibration was so bad, the trunk lid was wearing paint off the bumper. I'm real disappointed that the dealership did not stand up for their customer. I am more p----ed off that ford motor co. Put me thru this. What was to be my dream car was nothing but a nightmare for the first 11 months I owned the car. Will think twice about buying another ford vehicle. Hope this update will help anyone else with same problem.

- William G., Roanoke, VA, US

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