really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
93,200 miles
Total Complaints:
47 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace transmission (22 reports)
  2. not sure (11 reports)
  3. rebuild transmission (9 reports)
  4. repair wave plate and clutch (4 reports)
  5. replace transmission control module (1 reports)
2007 GMC Acadia transmission problems

transmission problem

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2007 GMC Acadia Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #47

Sep 012018

Acadia SLT 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles


I have read several stories from GMC ACADIA owners about the transmission problems. Well I am one of them. I along with others feel that the problems should be looked at and repaired by the GMC Corporation. The problems with the transmissions are proving to be a problem for many people. I did get an estimate to have mine repaired, but I don't have the $2,700 to get it repaired. I really thought that GMC was a very respectable corporation, but since all the problems with the transmissions, and lack of support from GMC I have lost all trust in this corporation. GMC needs to step up and take care of this problem. My vehicle is parked because I can't afford to get it fixed, So thanks GMC, for the vehicle that I'm still making payments on and sitting in my yard.

- gdgreen, Crossville, US

problem #46

Nov 152018

Acadia SLE V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,200 miles

My Acadia recently reached 100,000 after 10 years. All of a sudden it will not shift out of first gear. I found this forum and read all the nightmare transmission problems and the extended coverage from GM for the wave plate issue. Towed it to the dealership. They looked at it said $4000 to $5000 to fix it and they contacted GM who refused to provide any assistance to pay for it. The "extended coverage" bulletin for the wave plate problem expired over a year ago. I asked the dealership if it was the exact same problem stated in the bulletin and they said they could not be sure until they take apart the transmission. (Obviously it is the same problem!)

They also wanted an extra $3000 to fix a small fender bender and replace a broken headlight cover. I said "no thanks" to both repairs and they offered me $1000 trade in value toward a new Buick. Since I can't afford to fight GM, I'm taking the trade in value and moving on with my life with hopes that the lack of serious issues reported with the Buick Encore are correct. I am very disappointed because that Acadia should have lasted many more years.

- nts01, Dacula, US

problem #45

Feb 142017

Acadia S2F

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,900 miles

We purchased a GMC Acadia against the advice of our mechanic. Over 3 years we put only 20,000 miles on it as we only used it for the whole family to travel together. The transmission went out (shavings inside but not the wave plate issue) and it is costing us more than the car is worth. It is ridiculous that GMC sells a $30,000 vehicle that can't make it past 120,000 miles. GMC will not help with the costs even though though we are only 1000 miles over their extended warranty miles that they had to add because so many transmissions were failing. We will never buy another GMC product and I wouldn't suggest anyone else do either.

- Michele S., Rosemount, MN, US

problem #44

Mar 122015

Acadia LTS 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 148,346 miles


Sometimes Transmission doesn't want to shift! I have to shut engine off then wait a few seconds and then restart, put Transmission in Low then drive. then it works normal !!

- normeagle , Harrison, AR, US

problem #43

Nov 152015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,416 miles

This is the second transmission put in the Acadia. First one was at 52,403 miles, then the second one at 125,416. You would thing replacing one, the first one covered by warranty, you should have a warranty on a part that only ran for 73,000 miles. My wife has really liked the car, but just can not keep it running.

- Edwin S., Gainesville, GA, US

problem #42

Jul 172015

Acadia LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

When beginning to drive down the road the transmission will not automatically go into gear. I have to pull over on the side of the road with kids in my suv turn my vehicle off and let it sit for a few minutes. I then turn it back on and hope and try again going down the road hoping it will switch into gear. After reading numerous reviews online I came to conclusion I wasn't the only one with this problem!

- hgrimes, Grand Bay, AL, US

problem #41

Dec 242014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,212 miles


Replaced transmission in December 2014. Received a letter from GM stating that some 2007 model GMC Acadia's may experience a cracked or fractured wave plate. This is the exact problem my car had when they replaced the transmission. GM refuses to reimburse us because it was past 120,000 miles. GM is aware of a faulty part put refuses to reimburse us because of the mileage. I don't understand how they can expect loyal customers when they aren't loyal to us!!! Please get on GM's Facebook page with your problems. Thank you

- Elisha W., Howe, TX, US

problem #40

Apr 132015

Acadia SLT

  • Automatic transmission
  • 128,000 miles

I got into my vehicle one morning and started to drive and the tranny just kept slipping. My car would rev up and then day four I couldn't drive it. That quick. Had to replace tranny and lost a ton of money on this.

- Gayle H., Mansfield, OH, US

problem #39

Oct 182014

Acadia 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 106,000 miles

Purchased a extended warranty. Warrant company wanted to put in a used transmission with 63000 miles and guarantee it for 6000 more miles. Will never purchase a extended warranty without reading the fine print. Dealership was great ,replaced it at there cost with anew updated version.

- Keith M., Fort Dodge, IA, US

problem #38

Apr 012015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,000 miles

Received bulletin in mail same month that Acadia started giving out.....purge valve bad....transmission wave plate bad. Called corporate for assistance on this widespread well documented company defect, they told me I was out of luck because I was 3000 miles over their policy limits.....I am out 2500 dollars for crappy parts put in by GMC....

I will sell car and get one by Ford or Toyota...I say boycott GMC for not fixing problems on crappy car parts....I will use social media to tell the world GMC does not stand behind the owners of their products....Robert Vereb in South Carolina......SHAME ON GMC FOR CRAP THEY PUT IN ACADIAS AND NOT HELPING BUYERS WITH REPAIR COSTS...My Acadia is at Hayes GMC in Toccoa Georgia for anyone working for GMC who will also look the other way.....This is no way to run a company and survive....

People go straight to internet and social media to research future purchases and GMC has a big black eye.....If I can get the cost up for a lawsuit...I will....Boycott GMC products America.......Contact me and I will tell you the story of how corporate just kicked me to the curb.

- bobbyvereb, Westminster, SC, US

problem #37

Jan 302015

Acadia SLE 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 101,500 miles


Transmission failure began to occur at approximately the 85-90K mi marker. Initially, occurred while driving daughter to school and had to continue between shifting in and out of first to gain enough speed as if nothing were amiss - no need to alarm her. Very unnerving attempting to accelerate with adequate speed to make it to the next intersection without being trampled by the rest of the herd during regular morning rush-hour traffic.

Dropped vehicle with mechanic and informed that transmission system hydraulic soleniods were most likely culprit. The problem went away after driving home and I simply wanted to confirm what caused the transmission problem. The vehicle was also experiencing heaving when accelerating and I wasn't certain if these two issues were related.

After several more events where the vehicle remained in first gear, I finally had to throw the towel in and have mechanic make repair. The engine mount blocks were addressed first and the transmission rebuild came next. All said and done, looking at over $3K for repairs in one month period.

After reviewing other contributors' comments, I would have to agree that this is a very serious mechanical issue that needs to be addressed by GMC. It is indeed unfortunate in our litigious society that we have to have class-action suits but the general attitude, complacency and lack of corporate responsibility is primarily to blame for these types of actions. I am glad there is a forum to hold their corporate feet to the fire and inform other consumers of these safety issues. I am not certain that I would have purchased this vehicle if I had performed a more thorough due diligence of the vehicle. The wonderful advantage of the Head Up Display is little consolation with all the mechanical issues I have had with the Acadia over the past two years.

Will be selling vehicle real soon and listening to wife's advise to buy "foreign"...and we wonder how we lost our competitive edge.

- tmarc, Spring, TX, US

problem #36

Oct 162014

Acadia SLT 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,300 miles

My 2007 Acadia Transmission failed at 48300 miles in October, 2014. The dealer asked for $5800 for an OEM one, and a local transmission shop asked for $3800 to replace a OEM one. I just felt being robbed. Never thought the transmission would die at this low mileage.

At the end, I paid almost $4000 to the local shop. The car sat in the local shop more than a month, and got replaced with a OEM transmission. The shop said that the dealer didn't have enough transmissions in stock since there have been so many replacements.

I called GMC, they said they wouldn't help since the car was out of warranty already. They gave me a Goodwill voucher of $2000, for a purchase at GM dealer for GM car. But it is the last thing I would do is buy another GM car!

- Mingyu T., Bellaire, TX, US

problem #35

Jan 142015

Acadia SLT

  • Automatic transmission
  • 132,000 miles

I'm not sure what to do. I still owe money on this car and the transmission is going out... its unserviceable from what I'm told ... who makes anything on a car unserviceable??? you can't flush or change the fluid nothing... when is the recall for faulty transmissions... this is .


problem #34

Nov 152014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,000 miles

I was just driving along and my transmission started slipping in low gears, then it just stopped working completely. I was stranded on a main road. I am waiting for the mechanic to look at it and see if I need a new transmission. I know the tow truck company stated that he just towed a vehicle before ours and guess what, it was a GMC.

- kandee, Navarre, Fl, US

problem #33

Oct 272014

Acadia SLT2 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 111,000 miles

We purchased 2007 GMC ACADIA three years ago with 44,000 miles on it, within that week the car start experiencing issues. I keep going back to the dealer that I purchased this vehicle from to report the problems, some of the things they did fixed but I was complaining about my transmission every time I visit them. Since the Codes were not showing on their computer they were unable to fix it. Now my transmission broke down.

I called GM and asked them to help me with the cost to fix the car, their answer is that the vehicle is out of warranty and they can't do anything about it. A guy named James from customer relations at the GM is a total dush.

Please help us. I'm still paying for this vehicle and I can't drive it, I don't have money to fix the transmission. This is crazy, we paying so much money for these cars and we can't even feel safe driving them.

- mieczysław, Linden, NJ, US

problem #32

Jan 192010

Acadia SLT

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

At approximatley 1730 hours on 19JAN10 (Thursday), while returning from the grocery store, the transmission appeared to disengage, allowing the engine speed to increase without propulsive effect. This came on suddenly and in a distance of between ¼ and ½ mile, the vehicle could no longer move. I pulled to the side of the road and called AAA for a tow and my wife to transfer the groceries.

3. I called GMC roadside assistance and had the vehicle towed to Tustin Buick Pontiac GMC at 1 Auto Center Drive in Tustin. I also spoke to service adviser David Miller prior to the car’s arrival and explained the complaint. He replied that the vehicle had arrived around 5PM and they would likely not be able to diagnose the problem till Saturday (21JAN10). 5. On Saturday (21JAN10), Dave Miller phoned and said the transmission needed to be removed and disassembled to find the source of the problem. 6. On Tuesday (24JAN10), Dave Miller phoned and said the “Wave plate” in the transmission had failed and one was not immediately available. He was escalating the issue through GM to locate one. 7. On Thursday (26JAN10), Dave Miller reported that the Wave Plate had arrived and reassembly could commence. 8. On Friday (27JAN0) Dave Miller said the transmission had been reassembled but not installed or tested. That was to occur on Saturday. 9. Dave Miller called Saturday afternoon to report that the transmission had been installed and tested but was still not functioning properly. He further informed that he was to be on leave beginning the following week and that another service adviser would be handling the case. 10. I received a call early Monday morning from Tim Golden (standing in for Dave Millers vacation) service adviser stating the car was ready for pickup. I questioned his information as I saw no way that the problem could be resolved between Saturday afternoon and early Monday. He checked and called me back several hours later, concurring that the car was not fixed. 11. I received no update from Tim Golden on Tuesday and finally called him on Wednesday afternoon requesting status. He did not have any update and clearly did not know any more than he did Monday morning (which was nothing). 12. Thursday morning I called the service manager and requested that he get Tim engaged and get an accurate update. Tim called a few hours later and said that the transmission had been removed a second time on Tuesday (evidently nothing happened between Saturday afternoon and Tuesday). He said the problem was found to be a plugged oil passage due to the magnet in the pick-up sliding out of its recess and partially blocking the oil intake. He forecast the transmission would be reassembled, tested and ready for pickup by COB Friday. 13. Friday around noon, Tim called and said the car was ready for pickup. I picked up the car in the late afternoon. 14. The initial drive-ability of the car was different from previously although not specifically a problem. There was a pause in between shifting into reverse and engagement of 1-2 seconds. There was some question if the shifting was smooth and consistent but as we continued to observe it, it smoothed out after a couple of days.

- Steve H., Irvine, CA, US

problem #31

May 112013

Acadia SLT 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 111,328 miles

This was just the start to the true transmission issues that GM had with this lemon of a Truck. They first told me it was this, throttle body valve cover gasket. I paid all of this money to find out it now is a defect with the transmission that they refuse to assist with or recall.

- Atosha W., ocononowoc, WI, US

problem #30

Aug 242014

Acadia SLT 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 144,116 miles

unknown if this would fix the lemon of a car, worst model ever!

- Atosha W., ocononowoc, WI, US

problem #29

Dec 212013

Acadia SLT 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 126,701 miles

replaced hoses 3rd time, car stopped moving forward. Now the dealer is stating it's the hoses leaking causing loss of transmission fluid.. I've replaced something different each time the car stopped moving forward.. This did not fix the problem.

- Atosha W., ocononowoc, WI, US

problem #28

Oct 182013

Acadia SLT 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 119,711 miles

This was the second issue .. my car stop going forward for 2nd time. this time they said it was the tcm- module that was causing the problem... I fixed this found. The same problem came back 2 months later. Gm still no recall or assistance.

- Atosha W., ocononowoc, WI, US

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