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Affected Component: BACK OVER PREVENTION

CAMERA, Rear View For concerns of back up camera flicker/blank/blue/black screen or camera inop, please ensure Radio is at latest software level. After update, system requires three sleep cycles to function properly. Please verify camera LVDS cable connection at camera and radio head unit. Also verify harness connection between high mounted stop lamp and body harness for bent pins or loose connection at XY310A, XY485A. Please create and send a copy of the vehicle scan report and specify radio SW version and radio head unit ID to Bing Guo and Rafay Adil via email bingruo.guo@fcagroup.com (248) 500-7355 rafay.adil@fcagroup.com (248) 736-7059 Please call for any additional questions or assistance needed. If no response in 15 minutes, proceed with repair. Please be sure to attach a copy of the Vehicle Scan Report on the repair order.

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Date Published
NOV 20, 2019
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