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really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
87,800 miles
Total Complaints:
29 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace transmission (27 reports)
  2. not sure (1 reports)
  3. replaced transmission cooler (1 reports)
2011 Nissan Rogue transmission problems

transmission problem

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2011 Nissan Rogue Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #29

Aug 182018

Rogue SV 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 89,000 miles


My 2011 Rouge's transmission failed at 89,000 miles! While driving my 2011 Rogue I heard a popping sound, got out to check and saw nothing wrong, I kept driving and all felt fine. The next day I made a turn and noticed that the car actually shifted - still didn't think as sometime I don't accelerate fast enough. Next day the car lost power & vibrated to hell & back! I contacted my mechanic (whom I trust implicitly) and had the car towed to his place. Once they were able to put it on the lift it was determined that the transfer cases was out! Upon further inspection (tearing it apart) it became obvious that the transmission was also out!

I contacted Nissan Consumer Affairs NA about the issue, after seething and reading the complaints listed on this site. Nissan was extremely unhelpful - wanted the car towed and diagnosed by a licensed Nissan mechanic at my expense! She also asked what I expect Nissan to do. I explained EXACTLY what I wanted - the warranty extended to include 2011 Rogue transmissions!

I also contacted NTSA and filed a complaint with them - was told to keep all receipts etc in case of recall. I'm not sure exactly what the cost will end up being as the transmission is in BUT on a test drive my mechanic found a terrible shake at 40 mph - this was diagnosed as the 1 axle was damaged to to transmission failure- cause and effect! So, now I need 2 rear axles (mechanic won't replace 1 since the other may also be/go bad and void warranty on transmission.

One other thing - my mechanic contacted Nissan York, PA regarding transmission fluid (of course you can only use N2 Nissan fluid). He was told it takes 5 qts. 5 qts were ordered from Nissan and IT WASN'T ENOUGH! According to Shop Key and Google the Rogue requires 8-3/4 to 9-1/2 quarts for new transmission. They called Nissan and requested more ONLY to be told that they were wrong - 5 qts would do! Mechanic told Nissan it was not a flush but new tranny and to send more! My question is if I had taken it to Nissan would they have only put 5 qts of fluid in and released my car to me only to have the tranny fail again due to their incompetence!

I wish I had heard of this site prior to my purchase - I still owe a little bit on this car hence replacing the tranny. At least I will have a good warranty with it & thankfully my mechanic is not only great but understanding as well. I am pissed at Nissan's lack of caring when they know that 2011 has transmission issues and refuse to accept responsibility! Shame on Nissan for telling me that they don't accept the word of 3rd party mechanics!

If there is ever a class action lawsuit, please get in touch with me - I'm open to any other complaint options also. I'm frustrated, pissed and very upset that Nissan has knows this is a problem and refuses to do anything to help out those of us who purchased 2011 Rogue in good faith. Thank you for allowing me to vent. SCREW you Nissan! I will never purchase a Nissan product. I'm contemplating having 2 LEMON signs made, applying them to either side of the car and taking my Rogue to local Nissan and parking it across the street!

- Cami S., Felton, PA, US

problem #28

Sep 262018

Rogue S Krom 2.5L

  • CVT transmission
  • 78,001 miles

I purchased this Rogue used, in 2012 with 11,000 miles on it. Because it was used, I purchased an extended warranty. The dealer gave rave reviews on the Rogue, stating they were very reliable. I should have seen the warning signs at that time. I maintained this vehicle well, it had no leaks. The car never gave any indication of problems before the transmission failed.

My wife went to get her hair done and could not back the car up when she came out. we managed to get the car home safely. I have been driving for over 50 years, never had an accident or a moving traffic violation, and have always maintained my vehicles immaculately. I have NEVER had a transmission fail or an engine fail. I would not have expected a transmission to fail at 78,000 miles!

I contacted Nissan and they took the VIN. They told me that the first generation CVTs from 2003 through the first part of 2011 had a poor record but that they had improved them in the last half of 2011. Because of the problems they had experienced, they had doubled the warranty on the CVTs for years 2003 through the first part of 2011, but my Rogue was not covered per the VIN.

The 2012 Rogues had a change to help alleviate the problem, but my Rogue did not have those changes. So, if mine was a better version, why did it fail so soon? it is crap, that's why!! No more Nissans for me or anyone I know. I filed a complaint with BBB and I will also place my reviews on all of the social media I have accounts with.

As far as I am concerned, don't waste your hard earned money on these foreign pieces of crap. You will regret it.

- Brelin I., Blackfoot, ID, US

problem #27

Jul 172018

Rogue SLawd

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

I was tricked into thinking that a transmission flush was urgent at about 75K miles when my car went it for a checkup. I later found out it was not. Crazy thing is now, I am out almost $42k for transmission replacement and car rental!

- Melissa B., Norcross, GA, US

problem #26

Jun 012018


  • CVT transmission
  • 70,000 miles


Car bucks and shakes upon deceleration at low speeds, under 30 to 40 mph. Went to nissan, they explained that the tranny was bad... WOULD NOT COVER IT, even though other years have extended the warranty from 60k to 120k because this is a COMMON, RECURRING PROBLEM with nissan trannies. Seeking to establish a class action.... Anyone who's had the same experience, contact us!

- Robert S., Coconut Creek, US

problem #25

Apr 202018

Rogue S

  • CVT transmission
  • 96,385 miles

Thought this was a good buy, but not true as there are so many complaints. I wouldn't recommend buying one with a cvt transmission. And warranty company wants to put in a used transmission with a 12 mo. 12000 mile warranty. Then the dealer we took it to, said he wanted to put in a Nissan rebuilt and 12 mo. 12000 mile warranty. I could get a rebuilt on line with a 3 yr 36000 mile warranty for $2300.00 and about $1400 to replace and install it. Scam buy the Dealer, as he said he wanted to charge me an extra $840 fort rebuilt on top of warranty. i don't believe you can trust any of these dealers anymore, they only want you're money. And manufacture doesn't want to take care of anything.

- Michael M., Churubusco, IN, US

problem #24

Jan 262018

Rogue SL 2.5L I4

  • CVT transmission
  • 122,000 miles

I first noticed something wrong with my wife's Rogue when I went to move it in the driveway. I put the transmission in reverse and felt a hesitation or clunk when backing up. I dismissed it thinking maybe it's always done that. Two days later my wife mentioned the same issue to me. I made an appointment at Manchester City Nissan after talking to another dealer and an independent transmission shop. Driving it to the dealer 1.5 miles away was sketchy at best. The car felt like it was going to stall at traffic lights and at times when accelerating it sounded as though I was driving over highway rumble strips.

It took the dealer no time at all to diagnose the car with a bad transmission. They dropped the pan on the transmission and told me there was quite a bit of metal in the fluid. This was not surprising because 3 months earlier an acquaintance mentioned that the transmission failed on their Rogue and after googling the problem and reading this website it became clear that this was common.

The independent transmission shop confirmed that $3800 was a good price and the best they could do was get a transmission from a salvage yard and give me 6 months warranty at best. Nissan requires dealers to stock replacement transmissions so the repair was done quickly. We dropped the car off Sunday night and had the car back Tuesday evening.

After doing research on this issue and talking to Nissan Service I will never buy another Nissan with a CVT. The car has high mileage for it's age but it is in great shape. It made financial sense to repair the car because private party value was almost $8000 in great condition but with a bad transmission the dealer told me the car would be worth $1000. Hopefully we'll get a couple more years out of the car before selling it.

- Les M., Manchester, CT, US

problem #23

Nov 102017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,774 miles


Have a 2011 Nissan Rogue with transmission failure @77,000 miles not in the recall even though the 2010 trans were covered under a extended warranty. Called Nissan said they couldn't help me, save your receipts maybe there will be a recall. Second Nissan, never again.

- Greg E., Andover, US

problem #22

Oct 232017

Rogue SV 4

  • CVT transmission
  • 72,500 miles

Purchased a 2011 Nissan Rogue in 2014 with about 30,000 miles. It currently has about 72,700 miles now and is sitting in a repair shop, with the estimate for $3560 for a new transmission. I have done a lot of research on this issue and obviously, Nissan did not fix the CVT transmission issues they had from 2006-2010, as many different auto sites, showing several 2011 Rogue owners in the same position I am, without the extended warranty. How can a car with under 73,000 miles need a new transmission? It shouldn't.

- Laurie B., Buffalo, US

problem #21

May 142017


  • CVT transmission
  • 75,000 miles

Nissan Rogue began to have transmission failure while my son was driving on freeway. He would step on gas to pass vehicle and all of sudden have no extra power even pushing pedal all the way to floor. Got off freeway and after stopping at stop sign, would only go about 20 mph to get to gas station. After filling up with gas he tried driving car again and it would eventually get up to highway speed but again no power for passing. Problem was intermittent. Took to our neighborhood mechanic who was unable to reproduce. Called Nissan Consumer Affairs who admitted right away that there was a known issue and that they would work with us on it. Nissan has extended warranty on Rogue's through 2010 but not 2011 for this transmission issue. Had to take car in to Nissan for diagnosis, they offered us a rental which they said they might reimburse if they find a problem with the car.....we had to take the risk of paying for rental and hoping for eventual reimbursement. Took Rogue in on a Wed afternoon, was diagnosed with needed a new transmission Thursday. Sent to corporate for a decision, took several days for decision to be made and several more to finish repair. They offered to cover 80% of repair as a compromise since car was 15,000 miles and one year out of warranty. If we were not so desperate to get car back we would have fought for full coverage. This is a huge safety issue, as having no power on a freeway with a semi truck bearing down on you could have ended very badly. Nissan needs to step up to the plate and deal with this transmission issue proactively.

- debo13, Maple Grove, US

problem #20

Aug 272017


  • CVT transmission
  • 112,500 miles

Okay, here we are 22 months after we had the transmission replaced on our 2011 Nissan Rouge at 68,00 miles. We are having the same issues again with accelerating, humming noise and vibrations. Took it into Nissan again and they are telling me I need to replace the transmission again. I received a quote for $4,279.00 it's been about 45k miles since the last time we replaced the transmission. They said there's no more warranty for the services they did so I need to pay it to get it fixed. I'm still making payments. I called Nissan and they don't really care. I can't afford to replace the transmission again on this car I am still paying for. I'm so disappointed in Nissan.

- canna, Menifee, US

problem #19

Jul 202017

Rogue V6

  • CVT transmission
  • 108,000 miles


Disappointed that Nissan does not stand behind their products, will never buy a Nissan again! My father was going to get a Nissan truck but due to poor customer service he has now changed his mind. We also own a Nissan Pathfinder that we will be selling immediately. To add to my frustration and disappointment I now have no vehicle and start college in a couple weeks.

- Kelsey P., Sault Ste. Marie, US

problem #18

Aug 262015

Rogue S 4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 54,000 miles

My car would lose power and I was only able to drive 30 or so miles per hour. This was extremely difficult being that the problem mainly happened while I was on the freeway. My son who is a mechanic was with me when it happened and said it seemed to be that the transmission was going into a "safety" mode. He was right. When the transmission would heat up the car would go into safety mode. Fortunately the dealership did the repair to the transmission cooler which was defective and was still under warranty and at no cost to me.

- Carla M., Taos, US

problem #17

May 012017

Rogue SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 120,002 miles

I started to notice some shuddering when i would first take off in the mornings, then at other time from a stopped position, then it progressed to be more obvious, and acceleration became unpredictable. I took it in for its oil change and inspection and it passed with no check engine or transmission problems found. The very next day it just shuddered and stopped. I had it towed to the dealership (Honda) it was under extended warranty I purchased when I purchased the car and I had 225 miles left on the warranty.

Honda couldn't fix it so they took it to Nissan dealer ship. that dealership charged almost $7000 for the transmission replacement labor and materials!!! Because the price was so high the insurance folk sent a rep out to confirm. Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty, the Nissan dealership informed me of a few repairs they thought I needed in addition to the transmission when I picked up my car...none true ("like my front left axle was am I driving it then!!!).

- sluderp, Weaverville, US

problem #16

May 252017

Rogue SL

  • Automatic transmission
  • 17,000 miles

I have a 2011 Rogue with 17000 miles and the other day I had an issue with the car and was told that the transmission was bad and that it will cost me $4000 to replace. This is insane! Not even 20000 miles and a transmission. I have called Nissan and they stated they will send someone out to look at it. This is crazy. I am hoping they stand behind their product.

Update from Jun 7, 2017: after calling and talking to the people at nissan they decided to pay 90 percent of the repair. leaving me a small bill. they were very nice and quick to follow up

- KEVIN K., Fort Lee, NJ, US

problem #15

Feb 102017

Rogue SV 2.0L

  • CVT transmission
  • 108,000 miles

Transmission failed in a modern car after 6 years and right after 100.000 miles. Recall for the same problem until the 2010 model (one year before my model) I had to pay around5.000 $ to fix a 6 years modern car. I think this should be embarrassed for them so they don't admit their fault again. The regional specialist hanged up on me after I asked for more information about the reason why they refuse to extend the warranty for a problem well known about Nissan's car. I really really hope they are going to pay for all the people that are struggling with they budget every day and they need a car to drive 2 hours per day to work AND feed their family. Shame on Nissan

- Salvatore M., Seattle, WA, US

problem #14

Mar 072017

Rogue 2.5L 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 160,000 miles

The Nissan Rogue just stopped working. Nissan dealership stated we needed a new transmission. After they put in the new transmission- which is only good for 12,0000 miles- they said the drive shaft was shot too. We contacted Consumer Affairs Nissan, but they refused to do anything. This is our 4th Nissan - and our last.

$ 3,922.81 was our bill. They extended the warranty on CVT, but we missed it by 10,000 miles. They know it is a problem. They know that this was a new technology with transmissions and it has flaws.

- Alice S., Deland, FL, US

problem #13

Feb 122017

Rogue SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 104,000 miles

Apparently only 2008-2010 models are covered on the extended CVT warranty from Nissan (Mine is a 2011). Unreal.. So mad right now. Nissan needs to do something about this. Apparently there is a MAJOR issue. This is our 3rd Nissan and there won't be another in our future if it isn't resolved.

- kc88, Crescent Springs, KY, USA

problem #12

Jan 202017

Rogue LS 2.5L V4

  • CVT transmission
  • 80,107 miles

I am so mad, I can hardly see straight. I have always had great success with Nissan so I purchased my very first luxury car. It is a 2011 Rogue SL. It was almost $30,000. I love the car! Love it! Up until now it has been my favorite car hands down. I purchased the best (Platinum) extended warranty they had for another $2500. It is 75,000 miles or 84 months whichever comes first.

My car has 80,107 miles on it and I was just told that I will need a new transmission. I am not even finished paying for it.

At first, I was like okay this happens to everyone once in awhile and made peace with it. However, I just looked online and found out that the 80,000 miles is the average life for a CVT transmission for the 2011 Rogue.. Apparently the 2010 rogue had problems and they extended the warranty for the 2010 to 100K but have not for the 2011.

I called Nissan and they said my warranty has expired.

I have worked all my life and now am on social security. This presents a major hardship and while I do not like to complain, I am truly upset at Nissan. When you know your $20-$30K product has a problem, you step up! You act responsibly. That is how you keep customers.. I plan on writing this on every review board and all social media that I can.

Shame on you Nissan! Shame on you!

Update from Mar 7, 2017: Please call National Safety Hotline (have Vinh #) and they will look into it. 888-327-4236.

Also a friend who is a Nissan dealer in another state told me that if enough people complain Nissan will reimburse you. Please call Nissan North America Consumer Affairs at 800-647-7261. I just talked to someone there and they are starting a case for me to see if I qualify for reimbursement. I had a third party extended warranty which expired at 75,000 miles and they are still looking into possible reimbursement so please if you have to replace your transmission, please contact them.

- June W., San Diego, CA, USA

problem #11

Jan 152017

Rogue S 2.5L V4

  • CVT transmission
  • 82,000 miles

Car stopped while driving and would NOT accelerate. Total power loss on a major highway. This was terrifying as it was nighttime in the middle of nowhere and with my family in the car.

We were driving on a highway and suddenly started to hear the transmission give off this whiny sound (like it was struggling), then we noticed we started losing speed so had to immediately try to make our way to the right and pull safely into the emergency lane which was nerve wracking!! Once stopped we put the car in park and tried to make sense of the situation and given our location (not safe) we said maybe lets try to get the car off the freeway at next exit. Put the car in Drive and it would NOT move!!!! RPMs would go up and down but car was at a complete stand still. Some passerby saw us, offered to run a diagnostic on the car and it came back as "Torque clutch converter" .. FAULTY TRANSMISSION

Nissan previously recalled older models (up to 2010 models) because of this DEFECTIVE CVT transmission!! Yet hast recalled this year . Looking through the internet a lot of people have been put in harms way and could've been killed for loosing power on a highway because we have experienced this issue and NISSAN does not care that they are manufacturing and selling DEATH TRAPS. Coincidentally after the 60k (between 60k-85k) is when this failure is happening on most instances. Is Nissan timing this failure to happen after their warranty is up so they wont cover the damages? Is NISSAN allowed to be this negligent and have these vehicles out on the road putting so many families in danger after this issue has been reported?? Is it going to take a tragedy, an unnecessary loss of a life for NISSAN to finally man up and fix this issue????

- gabbs_ss, Downey, CA, USA

problem #10

Aug 112016


  • CVT transmission
  • 97,500 miles

I own two Nissan Rogues, one is a 2009, and the other is a 2011. When the transmission died on the 2009 Rogue, I was grateful to find out that the CVT transmission was under recall, and grateful my daughter wasn't in an accident when it died on the road. A Nissan dealer replaced the transmission. When my 2011 Rogue's transmission died, I was told by the dealer and then by customer care that even though I had purchased TWO Rogues from TWO dealers and had both cars serviced on schedule at Nissan dealers, they would not help me with the replacement of the transmission. AT ALL. Nice way to reward customer loyalty, right? Only because a very kind service associate decided to push my case up the ladder on the service side, the transmission was replaced and I had to pay $850 out of pocket, which hurt, but was a lot better than losing a car or buying a new one.

I am very grateful to this service associate for championing my cause. However, Nissan knowingly issued these cars, stopped the recalls at a certain VIN number, kept installing faulty transmissions in their Rogues, and won't do the right thing. I won't buy another Nissan, and I told my friends about their complete lack of a corporate conscience. It is a shame, because I liked the car enough to purchase two.

- sksj, BOTHELL, WA, USA

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