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Auto Trans Rotary Electronic Shifter The rotary shifter is designed to actuate a motor within the device whenever the driver places their foot on the brake, with the car in Park (or Neutral). This generates a noise with each brake press/release. Therefore, even after replacing the shifter for a noise complaint, the replacementpart will also have a characteristic noise generated whenever the driver steps on the brake. Before performing a repair procedure for a noise complaint, please perform a subjective analysis of the noise coming from the rotary shifter. If the shifter noise is deemed abnormal sound (has an uncharacteristic buzz or grind), please proceed with normal replacement procedure. If so equipped, record the sound with a handheld microphone, or cell phone, and if noise is above 54dB @ 30cm away from the knob, please proceed with normal replacement procedure. For any further questions, please contact Theodore Kahiya at cell (519) 300-2443.

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Date Published
MAR 08, 2017
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