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TSB: Some 2019 model year Avalon and Avalon Hybrid vehicles equipped with Entune? Audio Plus (version 1002) or Entune? Premium Audio (version 1002) or earlier may exhibit one or more of the following conditions: ?Incorrect GPS date and time. ?Abnormal Bluetooth® operation. ?Abnormal Wi-Fi operation. ?Microphone remains on the screen after voice recognition failure. ?Unable to see text with headlights on (text is the same color as the background). Some 2019 ? 2020 model year Toyota vehicles equipped with Entune? Audio (version 1007), Entune? Audio Plus (version 1011), or Entune? Premium Audio (version 1011) or earlier may exhibit one or more of the following conditions: ?Phone does not auto-connect on startup. ?Intermittent black screen. ?Apple CarPlay® home screen widget turns white when USB flash drive is disconnected. ?Abnormal phone book sorting. ?Unable to see DCM Status when in dark red or dark blue modes. ?XM no signal banner appears at all times. ??Check antenna,? ?ID Displaying,? or ?Seeking? always displays on XM mode. ?Unable to switch Bluetooth® devices. ?Apps button is inactive in the voice recognition hint screen when using Apple CarPlay®. ?Incorrect Spanish translations. ?Voice recognition is not canceled during a phone call. ?Low Easy Speak volume. ?Voice recognition ?Web Search? is inoperative. ?Entune? apps are inoperative and ?When it is safe and legal to do so, please ensure your Entune? App Suite application is running and logged in on your phone? pop-up appears. ?Download screen appears even though nothing is being downloaded. ?Intermittent partially white screen. ?Screen intermittently locked. ?Text goes off the edge of the screen. ?Screen is black for 10 seconds after shifting out of Reverse when using Apple CarPlay® A software update is now available to address these conditions. Follow the Software Update Procedure in this bulletin to update the softwa

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Date Published
MAY 19, 2021
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