TSB Document:

Affected Component: WHEELS:LUGS/NUTS/BOLTS

TT: Front Brake Vibration Key Points: * Issue can occur at any time if improper torque is applied on lug nuts * Over time, even one lug nut over or under torqued, can cause a vibration issue * When lug nuts are over torqued, this causes the rotor to have a runout out condition which can lead to brake vibration concerns * Brake vibration issues can occur at parking lot to highway speeds * Brake vibration issues can occur at light to moderate braking * Tightening lug nuts in a star pattern method during the torqueing process will assure that even/equal pressure is applied across the rotor hub surface * Torque sticks/wrenches should be used to apply accurate torque values when tightening * Do Not use impact guns/ratchets to completely run lug nuts up to the wheel surface

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Date Published
OCT 25, 2016
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