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About 7,000 Jaguar XF sedans at risk of engine failure from dislodged front idler pulleys.

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Jaguar Recalls 7,000 XF Cars For Engine Failure
About 7,000 Jaguar XF sedans at risk of engine failure from dislodged front idler pulleys.

— About 7,000 model year 2013-2015 Jaguar XF sedans are recalled to fix problems that may cause engine failure.

Jaguar Land Rover says a bolt for the front auxiliary drive idler pulley can fail and lead to complete engine failure. The failure can occur at any time and without warning, leaving a driver without power steering and other functions.

Jaguar opened an internal investigation after reports of XF cars losing their hydraulic power assisted steering, air conditioning, battery charging and coolant pump drives. Technicians reported the front-end accessory drive pulley was either loose or had detached from the front of the engine.

Engineers studied the problems in 2015 and at first found no problems during assembly of the equipment, then engineers noticed all the failed idler pulleys had a painted surface.

Jaguar discovered the painted idler pulleys experienced reduced clamp load over a period of time because of peeling paint on the pulley. This in turn caused too much load on the securing bolt and caused the idler pulley to detach from the engine.

Jaguar says it hasn't received any reports of accidents or injuries about the cars, all manufactured between May 16, 2012, to June 15, 2015.

The Jaguar XF recall will begin May 2, 2016. Jaguar dealers will replace the front-end auxiliary drive pulley assembly, but until then, owners with questions can contact the automaker at 800-452-4827. has complaints about the Jaguar XF and other Jaguar models.


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