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Tesla recalls 11,000 Model X SUVs to repair seatbacks that could unintentionally move in a crash.

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Tesla Recalls Model X SUVs to Fix Seatback Problems
Tesla recalls 11,000 Model X SUVs to repair seatbacks that could unintentionally move in a crash.

— Tesla is recalling about 11,000 Model X SUVs to fix possible problems with second-row folding seats that may need adjustments to the cables.

The 2016-2017 SUVs have cables in the second-row seats that may allow the seatbacks on the left side of the seats to move forward during a crash.

Tesla says it doesn't know of that happening in the field, but internal testing shows the problem needs to be fixed before anything bad occurs.

Affected owners will receive curb service as the automaker will use its mobile service vans to visit homes or workplaces of owners to get the repairs completed. Tesla vehicles are all-electric computers on wheels that can usually have problems diagnosed remotely by Tesla.

The automaker has been building a fleet of service vans that gives owners the ability to sit tight while technicians make repairs on-site at home or at work.

Those service vans have been put to good use with the Takata airbag recall, as the automaker has performed about 40 percent of the airbag repairs by sending out technicians in vans. In addition, Tesla says 97 percent of customers who have received mobile service are pleased with the repairs and the convenience.

In the case of the second-row cable recall, the automaker says 100 percent of repairs will be performed by mobile visits and it should take about 10 minutes to inspect and fix any affected cables. However, an owner will have the choice to bring the Model X to a Tesla service center if they choose that route.

Model X owners are advised to avoid having two adults sit in the second-row left and center seating positions at the same time until recall repairs are complete.

According to Tesla, the seats are strong enough for a single adult or two children, and using child seats with LATCH anchors will be fine because the anchors are attached to the base of the seats and not the seatbacks.

The recalled Model X SUVs were built between October 2016 and August 2017.

If you believe you own one of the recalled Model X SUVs and have questions about the recall, please call Tesla at 877-798-3752.


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