Motor Parts of America recalls 2,400 brake master cylinders that may fail due to seal crimps.

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Duralast Master Cylinder Recall Issued For VW Vehicles
Motor Parts of America recalls 2,400 brake master cylinders that may fail due to seal crimps.

— A Duralast brake master cylinder recall has been issued because more than 2,400 master cylinders may cause a complete loss of braking.

The Duralast NM4222 and NM55381 master cylinders, recalled by Motor Parts of America (MPA), were sold as aftermarket replacement parts for these VW models.

  • 2012-2017 Volkswagen Beetle
  • 2005-2018 Volkswagen Jetta
  • 2007-2010 Volkswagen Jetta GLI

A driver may lose the brakes if the piston pops out of the master cylinder housing, and the opposite could occur when the brakes activate without the driver touching the pedal.

Prior to total master cylinder failure, the driver may experience some loss of braking power due to brake fluid leaking from the master cylinder.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the crimping of the aluminum housing may not be strong enough, allowing the master cylinder piston to pop out of the housing.

Master cylinder manufacturer Yusin contacted Motorcar Parts of America because the master cylinders may have defective fluid seal crimps that leak brake fluid. Yusin says the crimping machine did not put enough pressure on casting to secure seal properly.

The company says the machine operator reversed the crimping fixture which caused the tool to limit the crimping angle and pressure. Specifically, operating procedures weren't followed and the controls were not adjusted to include two seconds of pressure.

"The sum of tolerances between the casting and plastic seal, plus the lack of controls to lock the plastic seal during assembly can lead to improper crimping, allowing the seal to move."

The replacement master cylinders were redesigned by manufacturer Yusin to include C-clips which will secure the seals.

If you believe you own a vehicle equipped with the recalled master cylinder, head to an AutoZone store to return the master cylinder for a full refund. But if you prefer to exchange the recalled master cylinder for a redesigned replacement part, they should be available after October 1, 2020.

If the recalled part was installed in your Volkswagen by a professional installer, MPA will reimburse you for charges up to $178.50 for a VW Beetle and $110.50 for a VW Jetta.

For professional installers who purchased the recalled master cylinder, you must forward a copy of the recall letter within five business days of receipt to any customer you installed this recalled part in their vehicle. MPA will reimburse you directly for the labor and the replacement part.

Owners may contact MPA at 833-758-0239 or send an email to


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