Mitsubishi recalls 141,000 vehicles to prevent the lower control arms from detaching due to rust.

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Mitsubishi Crossmember Recall Includes Lancers and Outlanders
Mitsubishi recalls 141,000 vehicles to prevent the lower control arms from detaching due to rust.

— A Mitsubishi front crossmember recall for more than 141,000 vehicles has been issued for specific states that use road salt in the winter months.

The crossmember recall includes 2008-2010 Lancer, 2010 Lancer Sportback, 2008-2013 Outlander and 2011-2016 Outlander Sport vehicles originally sold in or ever registered in the following states.

Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

According to Mitsubishi, the front lower control arms may detach due to corroded front crossmembers that were damaged by salt water.

The inside and outside surfaces of the front crossmembers may rust even though rust protection was applied. A driver may lose control of the vehicle if the corrosion is bad enough to cause the lower control arm to detach.

Mitsubishi recalled 174,000 U.S. vehicles in 2016 because of corroded crossmembers, and Transport Canada announced vehicles would be recalled for the same problem.

Forward to January 2019 when Transport Canada opened an investigation concerning crossmember corrosion on 2008-2017 Mitsubishi Lancers. Lancers had been recalled in 2016, but the automaker determined the Lancers involved in the 2019 investigation were of a different generation than the recalled vehicles.

Mitsubishi told Canadian regulators the field would be monitored, and Outlanders and Outlander Sports would be included with the Lancers as part of the investigation.

Transport Canada investigated crossmember corrosion in 2008-2017 Mitsubishi Lancers/Lancer Sportbacks, 2008-2015 Lancer Evolutions, 2008-2013 Mitsubishi Outlanders with 4-cylinder engines and 2011-2016 Outlander Sport vehicles.

Although no decision has been made concerning the Canadian investigation, Mitsubishi decided to order the U.S. recall based on its ongoing monitoring of Canadian vehicles.

Mitsubishi dealerships will inspect the vehicles and a sealer/anti-corrosion agent will be sprayed inside and outside the crossmembers if no significant corrosion is found.

But the front crossmembers (made of general steel sheets) will be replaced with crossmembers made of zinc-coated steel sheets if technicians discover a large amount of corrosion.

Mitsubishi owners who paid for crossmember repairs or replacements should ask the automaker about reimbursements.

The Mitsubishi crossmember recall is expected to begin July 14, 2020.

Mitsubishi Lancer, Lancer Sportback, Outlander and Outlander Sport owners may call 888-648-7820 and ask about recall number SR-20-003. has complaints from owners of the Mitsubishi vehicles named in the crossmember recall.


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