Hyundai recalls 187,000 vehicles because damage to the Nu engines could cause fires.

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Hyundai Nu Engine Recall Ordered Over Piston Oil Rings
Hyundai recalls 187,000 vehicles because damage to the Nu engines could cause fires.

— A Hyundai Nu engine recall has been issued for nearly 187,000 model year 2019-2020 Hyundai Elantra, 2019-2021 Hyundai Kona and 2019-2021 Hyundai Veloster vehicles equipped with 2.0L Nu MPI engines. The Nu engine recall was ordered because the piston oil rings may not have been properly heat-treated which could result in stalled Nu engines.

Hyundai told the government the Nu engines may have been built using piston oil rings that were built with inconsistent nitride heat treating by the supplier, something that can cause the oil rings to be too hard.

Excessive hardness can cause chipping of the outer portion of the piston oil ring which could cause abnormal scuffing and damage to the Nu MPI engine’s cylinder bore. This can create excessive oil consumption, a knocking engine and illuminated oil pressure warning lights.

But the real trouble begins when the connecting rod bearing seizes and damages the engine block. The Nu engine will stall and the punctured engine block could leak engine oil onto hot surfaces, sending the vehicle up in flames.

Hyundai says it learned about the Nu engine problems when a Kia Soul engine seized, leading to an April recall of 167,000 Kia Soul and Seltos vehicles equipped with Nu MPI engines.

According to Hyundai, at least five fires have been reported but the automaker says the root cause of the fires has not been determined.

The U.S. Hyundai Nu engine recall includes 125,840 vehicles, and a Canadian engine recall involves nearly 61,000 Hyundai vehicles.

The Hyundai Nu engine recall is expected to begin June 25, 2021. Hyundai dealers will replace any damaged Nu engines and piston ring noise system software will eventually be installed.

The software will allegedly monitor engine vibrations that may be related to abnormal Nu engine performance, such as a damaged cylinder bore and/or piston skirt. However, Hyundai says the Nu engine piston software is still being developed will be installed when it's available to dealerships.

Owners with questions about the Hyundai Nu engine recall may contact Hyundai at 855-371-9460.


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