About 5,700 SUVs recalled, most due to water that may damage electronics and stall engines.

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Mercedes Recalls 2020 GLB250 SUVs, 3 Times
About 5,700 SUVs recalled, most due to water that may damage electronics and stall engines.

— Mercedes-Benz has issued three recalls for 2020 GLB250 SUVs, the largest which includes 5,680 vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz GLB250 Recall (Wheel Well Seal)

The recall was ordered because water may enter through the wheel well area into the front occupant foot wells.

Mercedes says this can damage electrical components and cause the instrument panels to go blank. Additionally, the electrical problems can cause the engines to stall while driving or the GLB250 SUVs may not start.

The automaker says the body of the vehicle may not be sealed in the front wheel well area.

Mercedes dealers will seal the wheel well areas and repair any water damaged areas.

Owner recall notices will be mailed July 27, 2021, but owners with questions may call Mercedes at 800-367-6372.

Mercedes-Benz GLB250 Recall (Front Passenger Airbag)

About 17 model year 2020 GLB250 SUVs may have front passenger airbag inflators and cushions improperly attached inside the airbag modules which could result in the airbag cushion tearing upon deployment.

Mercedes dealers will replace the front passenger airbag modules once owner notification letters are mailed July 27, 2021.

Mercedes GLB250 owners with questions may call 800-367-6372.

Mercedes-Benz GLB250 Recall (Side Curtain Airbag)

Another 16 Mercedes GLB250 vehicles are recalled because the side curtain airbags may not deploy properly during crashes.

Mercedes will mail recall notices July 27, 2021, with information about dealers replacing the side curtain airbags.

Model year 2020 GLB250 owners may contact customer service at 800-367-6372.


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