Nissan recalls 47,000 Rogues because welding mistakes may cause child seat problems.

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Nissan Rogue SUVs May Need New Seatbacks
Nissan recalls 47,000 Rogues because welding mistakes may cause child seat problems.

— A Nissan Rogue recall includes more than 47,000 model year 2021 Rogue SUVs to replace the rear seatbacks.

According to Nissan, a child seat may not be securely anchored if the second-row upper tether wires were improperly welded to the seatback frame.

Nissan says the tether wires may have faulty weld connections to the seatback frames.

The supplier (Toyo, TN) says the welding process may have moved out of position and caused problems with the upper tether wire of the second-row seat which is part of the LATCH system that secures child car seats. In this condition, a child seat may not be secured during a crash or sudden stop, violating federal safety standards.

Nissan discovered the problem when a plant employee noticed an abnormal fit while installing the seatback frame into the second-row seat assembly fixture at the Smyrna, Tennessee plant.

Nissan opened an investigation with the supplier and out of 6,950 seatback assemblies that were checked, four were determined to contain poor weld connections between the seatbacks and upper tether wires.

The automaker also confirmed the clamping mechanisms on the seatback fixtures were loose and allowed the seat frames to move. This caused the tether wires to be out of position during the welding operation.

Nissan dealers will inspect and possibly replace the Rogue rear seatbacks.

Nissan Rogue owner recall notification letters are expected to be mailed July 30, 2021, but customers with questions may call 800-867-7669.

Rogue owners should ask about recall number PC812.


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