Ford recalls more than 198,000 SUVs after 25 fires that occurred with the vehicles running.

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Ford Blower Motor Recall Issued After 25 Expedition and Lincoln Navigator Fires
Ford recalls more than 198,000 SUVs after 25 fires that occurred with the vehicles running.

— A Ford blower motor recall involves more than 198,000 Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs covering 2015-2017 model years.

Following at least 25 fires, the Ford blower motor recall involves the front blower motor located behind the glovebox.

Even though this is a blower motor recall and engineers have spent months investigating, Ford isn't sure of the exact root cause of the fires.

"No cause of these vehicle fires has been identified to date; however, they are believed to originate in the blower motor which is located on the passenger side interior behind the glovebox." — Ford

Of the 25 reported fires, 13 were localized fires in the blower motor area and the remaining 12 reports involved more extensive damage to the vehicles. There were also three instances of property damage to structures and one Ford fire that caused another vehicle to catch fire.

The 12 reports of extensive fire damage made it difficult for engineers to know for a fact the fires came from the blower motors. According to Ford, all 25 fires occurred while the SUVs were running.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration informed Ford of five complaints about 2016-2017 Expeditions. Based on those five reports, there were two complaints about blower failures, two complaints alleged fires under the gloveboxes and one report of a melted harness to the blower controller.

Of the five complaints to NHTSA, only one customer had also contacted Ford regarding their concerns.

Customers have reported various symptoms, including fans that failed, burning smells and smoke from the instrument panel vents while the vehicles were running.

Based on blower motor testing, the fires may be due to an internal short or localized heating of the brush springs or holders.

Ford blower motor recall letters will be mailed September 12, 2022, and Ford dealers will replace the front blower motor assemblies.

Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator owners may call Ford at 866-436-7332 and ask about blower motor recall number 22S56.


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