More than 80,000 vehicles recalled following inadvertent seat belt pretensioner deployments.

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Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator Recall Involves Pretensioners
More than 80,000 vehicles recalled following inadvertent seat belt pretensioner deployments.

— More than 80,000 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles are recalled in the U.S. and Canada because of problems with the front seat belt pretensioners.

The recalled 2018-2020 Expeditions and 2018-2020 Lincoln Navigators have front driver and passenger seat belt pretensioners which may inadvertently deploy and lock the seat belts.

The seat belt won't be able to retract or extend.

Ford opened an investigation in September 2021 into Middle East reports of seat belt pretensioners that deployed when they shouldn't have in 2019 Expeditions. The pretensioners activated without any crash impacts usually necessary for deployments.

Ford learned the pretensioner deployments occurred only in the summer and primarily within a defined production period.

Engineers spent many months testing different conditions to determine the root cause of the pretensioner problem.

"Although unproven, the CCRG theorizes that a water leak related to a drain seal on the right front floor related to air-conditioning usage may increase humidity when Max A/C is used for extended periods and contribute to pretensioner squib pin corrosion." — Ford

As of January 12, 2024, Ford is aware of 140 reports of inadvertent retractor pretensioner deployment, primarily in warm-weather regions.

Ford is also aware of 11 reports of alleged injuries due to inadvertent deployment of the seat belt pretensioners.

Dealers don't have replacement parts but will eventually inspect and replace the seat belt retractors, as necessary. Ford dealers will also install heating and air conditioning drain tube elbows if they are missing.

Interim owner recall letters explaining the safety risk are expected to be mailed March 4, 2024. Second recall letters will be sent once parts become available.

Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator owners may call 866-436-7332.

Ford's seat belt pretensioner recall number is 24S06.


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