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Affected Component: FUEL SYSTEM, GASOLINE

"N55 - ENGINE MALFUNCTION WARNING DUE TO VAPOR FORMING IN THE FUEL SYSTEM This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B12 05 16 dated April 2016. The Engine ""Drivetrain Malfunction"" Check Control warning is displayed and the Service Engine Soon (MIL) Lamp may also be on. In areas where winterized fuel is used, this situation may occur after prolonged periods of engine idling or ""stop and go"" driving. Additional symptoms that may be present: rough running poor engine performance difficulty in starting the engine. Either or both of the following fault codes can be stored in the DME. 11A002 - Fuel high pressure, plausibility: Pressure too low 11AC02 - Fuel high pressure, plausibility, cold start: Pressure too low In addition any of the following faults may also be stored: 119404 - Rail pressure sensor, signal: Permanently stuck 118001 - Mixture control: mixture too lean 118401 - Mixture control: mixture too lean; large deviation Vapor formation in the fuel system from fuel quality characteristics of certain winter fuel blends along with high engine compartment temperatures."

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Date Published
JUN 01, 2016
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