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Affected Component: UNKNOWN OR OTHER

This Preliminary Information communication advises the technician of steps to take if Pandora is inoperative or experiencing intermittent operation. 1. Verify Pandora is installed on the device. 2. Make sure the device is Bluetooth connected and paired to Cadillac CUE. 3. Make sure stations have been created in Pandora on the device. 4. Launch Pandora by selecting the Pandora Icon on the Integrated Center Stack and allow a few moments for the App to start on the device. 5. Make sure the Bluetooth volume on the device is turned up or on. Pandora volume is controlled by the device since it is a Bluetooth application. 6. Pandora is controlled by the devices connection and data signal. If the device has a poor data signal Pandora may not play. 7. If Pandora is successfully working, the device should display "Accessory". 8. Apple devices must be connected via USB to the vehicle to launch Pandora. Customers can use the "Bluetooth" input under the media selection to stream audio but will not have full control of the device using the radio. 9. Some Android phones require a setting in Pandora to allow Pandora to access automotive audio. Launch Pandora on the phone, in Pandora select settings in the upper right hand corner of the screen, select "advanced" and make sure "Bluetooth for Automotive" is checked and enabled. 10. If all of the above tips have been verified, and the message "No Internet Connection" is displayed on the Integrated Center Stack screen, CUE is not picking up the devices internet connection. Ensure that the device has adequate battery life and a good data signal. Check to see if Pandora can be heard through the device itself. If Pandora is playing through the handset device, try repairing the device and/or switching to a different audio screen and coming back to Pandora. 11. If Pandora is installed on a phone and a media device is also connected, such as an IPod that is hardwired to the vehicle, there may be confusion.

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Date Published
MAY 21, 2015
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