2017 Cadillac Escalade TSB 10144472

Cadillac TSB #PIT5586B

2017 Cadillac Escalade

TSB Document:

Affected Component: EQUIPMENT ADAPTIVE

This Preliminary information communicates a customer concern ofIPC gauges inoperative or fluctuate, No Start,No Crank,SIR Light / Service Airbag Message, Service Suspension Message,Radio display blank, Steering Wheel Controls (SWC) not illuminated, Turn Signal no audible feedback,HVAC controls inoperative. During diagnostics a technician may find any of the following DTC's: B1011, B1370, B3980, U0020, U0029, U007D, U0073, U0078, U0100, U0101, U0102, U0104, U0140, U0151, U0155, U0164,U0184, U0186, U0198, U0422. Dealer is instructed to check Serial Data Gateway Module X2 connector for terminal concerns and repair as needed.

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Date Published
AUG 27, 2018
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