Visibility:Sun/Moon Roof Assembly

Of the 17 complaints, there were 9 injury incidents resulting in 19 individuals being injured.the injuries consist of cuts and scrapes to occupant's face, arm, hand or leg.some injuries were the direct result of the falling glass fragments while other injuries occurred when occupants were exiting the vehicle or while handling the glass addition, there were five warranty claims related to the issue for a total of 22 reports.GM has not identified any manufacturing process or quality control issue with the movable sun roof/moon roof glass panel.they believe the most likely cause of the breakage is random stone or sharp debris impact to the glass roof structure.ODI's analysis indicates that the number of incidents will continue to increase as MY 2006 vehicles are sold and put into service.the evidence indicates that the broken glass fragments will fall directly onto both the front and middle row seat occupants of these vehicles.these occurrences may pose a risk of driver distraction and/or occupant injury.this investigation is being upgraded to an engineering analysis (EA06-001) to further assess this matter and will include MY 2006 Srx vehicles.
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Date Opened
SEP 22, 2005
Date Closed
JAN 20, 2006
NHTSA Recall #
No recall issued
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