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This Preliminary Information communication provides information to the technician about vehicles that the power lift gate Regular Production Option Code (E61 or TB5) is inoperative. Technician will find Diagnostic Trouble Code B153A set in the power lift gate control module. Technician will need to perform these steps. 1. Disconnect the connector at the Lift gate Latch Assembly. 2. Install a 3 ampere fused jumper wire between each signal circuit and the ground circuit. 3. If either test fails, check the wiring for the signal circuits, low reference circuit, or try a power lift gate control module from a known good vehicle. 4. If both tests pass, monitor the internal switch inputs in the lift gate latch assembly for proper operation. 5. If one of the internal lift gate latch assembly switch inputs are not reading correctly in one of the positions above and the vehicles passes test both test, replace the Lift Gate Latch Assembly.

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Date Published
NOV 15, 2012
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