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This Preliminary Information communication provides information to the technician on the steps to take to diagnose and repair the vehicles that may have an inaccurate clock. Technician will check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes in the telematics communication interface control module. Ensure that the customer?s concern does not relate to the normal characteristic described in the latest version of PIC5839. Technician will call OnStar to insure OnStar has a good location on the vehicle. If the OnStar unit status is disabled the technician will explain to the customer that there is an over the air update available for the OnStar system that may repair this as well but they will have to contact OnStar and accept terms and conditions for a free 5 year basic plan. If the customer does NOT accept terms and conditions because they do not want OnStar service, advise the customer that engineering is currently evaluating other methods to repair this concern if the unit status is listed as disabled and the customer does not wish to reactivate.

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Date Published
DEC 21, 2015
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