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Affected Component: TIRES

This Preliminary Information communication advises the technician what affects electric range and provides driving tips for better energy efficiency. Vehicles may have an electric range is less than customer expectations or what is being displayed on the in-vehicle display for EV range. The distance you can go in an electric vehicle varies with the outside temperature. All electric vehicles are less efficient in cold or hot conditions. This is a function of battery storage capability and increased use of cabin heat and/or air conditioning in these conditions. The vehicle must also maintain a consistent battery temperature in order to maintain desired long term performance. Tire pressure can have an impact on the electric range also. Additionally tire pressures can change with temperature changes. In order to maximize your electric range, ensure that your tires are properly inflated. For proper tire pressure, review the Owner?s manual and the vehicle tire and loading information label. Using the heat and air conditioning systems decreases the energy available for electric driving. Optimal energy efficiency is achieved with the heat, air conditioning, and fan turned off. Driving uphill requires more energy and can reduce electric range.

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Date Published
MAR 16, 2015
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